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GrillGrates Take You To
The Infrared Zone


Gold AwardGrillGrates amplify heat, prevent flareups, make turning foods easier, produce great grill marks, keep small foods from committing suicide, kill hotspots, are easier to clean, flip over to make a fine griddle, smolder wood right below the meat, and can be easily removed and moved from one grill to another. Click here to read more about what makes these grates so special and how they compare to other cooking surfaces.

The Smokenator:
A Necessity For All Weber Kettles


Gold AwardIf you have a Weber Kettle, you need the amazing Smokenator and Hovergrill. The Smokenator turns your grill into a first class smoker, and the Hovergrill can add capacity or be used to create steakhouse steaks. Click here to read more.

Digital Thermometers:
Stop Guessing!

small thermapen for bbq

Gold AwardA good thermometer is why I never serve dry overcooked or dangerous undercooked food. You can get a professional grade thermometer for about$25. Click to read more about thermometer types and our reviews.


Gold AwardThermapen:
The Best Instant Read

The Thermapen is the Ferrari of instant reads. Very precise, very fast. This is the one you see all the TV chefs and all the top competition pitmasters using. Click to read more about thermometer types and our reviews.

The Best Steakhouse Knives

knife set small

Gold AwardThe same knives used at Peter Luger, Smith & Wollensky, Morton's. Machine washable, high-carbon stainless, hardwood handle. And now they have the imprimatur. Click for more info.

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