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*Based on 4" raw burger with 1/2" space on all sides

Pitmaker MVP Tailgater BBQ Grill

By Max Good

Manufacturer: Pitmaker

Pitmaker is a Houston area metal fabricator known for manufacturing colorful, large capacity, heavy duty cabinet smokers and rectangular offset pits for competition, tailgating and serious BBQ. We have seen several trailer mounted Pitmaker smoker/grill combo setups and they are very impressive, extremely well designed and built.

They also have two backyard charcoal/wood grills and a tailgater model. These cookers are based on Pitmaker's large "Vault" cabinet smoker designs with a firebox on the bottom and cook chamber with shelves on top. All are heavy duty steel construction. We haven’t heard much about the residential Pitmaker grills, but their large capacity smokers have an excellent reputation and it’s a good bet they wouldn’t put their name on something lame.

pitmaker custom logoThe owners of Pitmaker do 10 to 15 competitions per year and half of their employees are on teams. "Our smokers are battle tested," says co-owner George Shore, "we're constantly learning new ways to improve quality and make sure our customers get consistent, repeatable results." Built solid with 1/8" virgin steel and heavy ceramic wool insulation, Pitmaker uses seamless welds instead of sheet metal screws or fasteners. This heavy insulation makes the exterior cool to the touch while in use. Although the standard finish is high heat flat black, the cool surface doesn't require high heat coatings and allows Pitmaker to offer colorful cosmetics that are one of their trademarks.  For an additional fee, all painted parts are suspended in the air and covered with epoxy primer, followed by auto enamel. Team and school colors, logos and labels are all welcome. See above.

Pitmaker MVP Tailgater BBQ Grill

The MVP Tailgater has a 1/8" plate steel body and 14 gauge stainless steel lid. Two slide out shelves provide 713 square inches of cook surface. The large cook chamber has plenty of headroom for big cuts, like pork shoulders. A slide out, removable ash pan/coal grate facilitates clean up and easy compliance with sports venues that require tailgaters to dump ashes before leaving the grill.

The removable truck hitch clears enough room to drop the tailgate of most trucks for use as a table. Lid and coal grate tray are lockable for transport. An optional floor stand is available.

Sales are direct.


$795 Manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP), actual price may vary.

Primary Function: 






Primary Capacity: 

713 square inches ( about 35 burgers )

Manufacturer claims that all or practically all of this device is made in the USA


Review Method: 

Researched it from Afar

We have researched this product from afar by gathering info from the manufacturer, owners, and other reliable sources, with our BS meters on high.

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