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The Pitmaster Club is for all cooks, newbies, weekenders, competitors, even chefs. Join us!

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Seminars With The World's Top Pitmasters

Pitmaster Club members are invited to join Meathead each month for video Seminars with a famous Pitmaster Professor like Tuffy Stone, Dr. Barbecue (Ray Lampe), Rick Brown, Chris Lilly, Harry Soo, Dr. Greg Blonder, and more. They share tips and answer questions. Many members say they are worth the membership fee alone.

Click here for a full list of upcoming Seminars and the bios of these amazing Pitmaster Professors as well as a 7 minute excerpt from a recent seminar.



"I just spent the last couple hours watching your videos with Harry Soo and Dr. Blonder and they were both amazing! I know I will be watching both again. Please keep up the great work and thank you again for a great fun and educational product." Jeff Lockwood

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The Pit:
A Place To Make Friends, Learn, Exchange Recipes, And More

Pitmaster Club members have a private message board forum to hang out in, where you can get tough questions answered, share tips and techniques, swap recipes, show pictures, buy, sell, trade, rave about your favorite BBQ joints, talk about cookers, competition notes, talk about your favorite drinks for BBQ, tell us about your favorite butcher and whatever else is on your mind.

This is a way to really be a part of This is your place to connect with us and fellow Pitmaster Club members, and your 24 hour hotline to expertise.

All New Comprehensive
8.5 x 11" Temperature Guide Magnet

For a limited time, we are sending new Pitmaster Club members our new 8.5" x 11" Comprehensive Temperature Guide Magnet with 50 temperature benchmarks for meats, sugar, oil, and more. It sells for $9.95 on That's 42% of the price of a membership!

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Gold Medal Giveaways

Pitmaster Club members in the US will be entered into monthly drawings for valuable giveaways, all of them Gold Medal winners, including free smokers, grills, thermometers, scholarships to BBQ classes, and more, average value of $1000!

Click here for the list of Gold Medal Giveaways.

Support For Operation BBQ Relief

We donate 5% of all membership fees to Operation Barbecue Relief, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit disaster relief program that sends barbecue competition teams into US disaster areas to feed the first responders and homeless. If there is a tornado, or flood they are there within hours. By joining you help support this amazing service. Click here to learn more about the remarkable work OBR does.

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What Your Support Can Help Us Accomplish

  • More tested recipes, more product reviews, new techniques, and more mythbusting.
  • A new design that will improve useability, especially on tablets and smartphones, so you can take us out to your backyard, the grocery, or the hardware store.
  • More science research including the impact of humidity on cooking, airflow, factors influencing bark, and smoke ring formation, and more.
  • New sections on sausage making, cooking game, tandoor cooking, hearth and fireplace cooking, Korean barbecue, as well as campfire/cowboy/Dutch oven cooking.
  • Videos demonstrating techniques, tips, and recipes.
  • Wine, beer, spirits, and cocktail pairings.
  • BBQ competition tips and recipes.
  • A section on modernist BBQ, melding sous vide and smoke, and other newfangled ideas.
  • A guide to BBQ joints around the world.
  • More grill, smoker, and thermometer testing.
  • Paid professional moderators to answer all your questions and solve all your cooking problems!
  • More fun!

What Readers Say

the pit

An amazing compendium of barbecue knowledge. - Aaron Franklin, Franklin Barbecue, Austin

Meathead is the best writer covering this part of the culinary world. - John Markus, Producer, BBQ Pitmasters TV show

You are the Alton Brown of Que. - Joe Mizrahi, Smokin' Joe's, NYC

For anyone into barbecue, it is a destination site... The writing is sharp, tinged with humor, laced with insight and nearly always grammatically correct. - Jim Shahin, Washington Post

A lot of barbecue books suck. They're full of shabby recipes, superstitious pronouncements pointing readers towards cooking practices that stand in stark contrast to scientific truth, and other assorted gimmicky gobbledegook... our favorite source is online., authored by inimitable smoke master "Meathead" Goldwyn, is a treasure-trove of truly helpful techniques for sharpening your barbecue skills. And it's a fun read, too. [He] approaches his subject much the same way we do—by explaining the scientific principles behind smoking meats, and how they can help yield proteins with superior texture, flavor, and appearance. The site is always entertaining and jam-packed with great tips and recipes. - Chris Young, Food Scientist, Chef,, co-author, Modernist Cuisine

We've won five Grand Championships and two Reserve Championships in the past three months and wanted to give you credit. - Harry Soo,

This is my new go-to method for prime rib. - Candy Weaver, President, Kansas City Barbeque Society

I was crowned World Brisket Champion at the Jack Daniels World Championships using your Big Bad Beef Rub. Your site has played a pivotal role in my development. - John Lattuca, WeekendWarriorBBQ, Montreal, Canada

The Last Meal Ribs really are the best ribs I've ever had. While eating them, my wife said, "I've never loved you more than this moment." - Marcus Milligan

This meal was as memorable as my first sex, only better. - Marie Overholt, San Francisco, CA

I adapted your brisket rub recipe this summer and my customers love it (8,000 pounds served in 6 months)! My brisket even won "best beef" in the Sonoma County Harvest Fair in 2010. - Chef Larry Vito, BBQ Smokehouse, Sebastapol, CA

Meathead is a mad genius, and tests the hell out of pretty much everything that comes out. - Gizmodo

You have brought my 20 year old son and me closer together since we started smoking. - Blake Old, Dunlap, IL

I am in the process of opening a cafe and thought your simple sweet sour slaw is an amazing winner. All people could say was "More please!!!" - James Murray, Toronto

It's worth noting, I have never been, in any way, shape, or form, a cook. For the most part, if it didn't come in a box, can, or frozen package, I didn't tackle it. This website has turned me into a cooking superstar in this household and I've found that I actually enjoy cooking for a change. - Mitch Norris

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Alas, at the moment we have no mechanism for gift subscriptions, but we're working on it. Stay tuned!