More Cooking Science And Mythbusting (cont'd)

Meat Head's Cooking Log
Want to cook better barbecue? Keep a log of your previous cooks and learn from them. In your log, include the meat, its weight, how you prepped it, what seasonings you used, the cooker and ambient air temperatures, the wood used, and how much. Here's the log that Meathead uses. Download it as a pdf or Excel copy. read more
chewing fiber
You can ruin a perfectly cooked piece of meat by carving it horribly. Why? Because meat consists of long parallel muscle fibers. If you cut parallel to the fibers, they remain intact and are difficult to chew. When you slice across the fibers or across the grain, you make them easier to chew and hence more tender. read more
smoked grape tomatoes
Beef jerky, chipotle chilies, and smoke-dried tomatoes taste fantastic. To make them, you need to dehydrate them. Learn about which foods you can dehydrate in a smoker for extra smoke flavor and which foods dehydrate best in an indoor electric dehydrator. Hint: kale chips don't work as well on a smoker. read more
frozen turkey
Here's how to thaw or defrost meat safely. Surprisingly, you can do it in hot water! That method works best for thinner cuts of meat. For thicker cuts, find out what works best, including thawing in the refrigerator and in cold water. It's all food safety and preserving precious meat juices. read more
food saver
Don't throw it away! Leftovers are just future meals waiting to happen. Here's what you need to know about freezing leftover meat, thawing, reheating, and using a vacuum sealer, along with some meal planning tips. Yes, it is possible to freeze and reheat leftover barbecue ribs. read more
How do you avoid the worst BBQ mistakes? Undercooked chicken? Burnt chicken? Burned outside and raw inside? We ran a contest to hear some of the juiciest stories, so you can learn from the trials and tribulations of others. Here are the best of the worst cooking disasters and how to avoid them the next time you grill. read more
thermometer in a steak
Does poking meat drain way all its juices? No. A piece of meat is not a water balloon. If you test it with a thermometer, all its juices will not drain away. In fact, using a thermometer is the only sure-fire way to judge the internal doneness temperature of meat. Find out why in this mythbusting article. read more
Rib Racks
What influences cooking time? So many variables, such as the total volume of meat in your cooker. Are you using rib racks to squeeze more meat into a small area? Beware. The meat is almost touching, and that could add up to an hour of cooking time. Here are more tips on cooking more than one hunk of meat at once. read more
bbq sauces
Here's what you need to know about when and how to use BBQ sauce. There are tricks to know, including how much sauce to use on smoked ribs, pulled pork, and other barbecue. Find out when not to apply BBQ sauce, how to avoid burnt sauce, how to use a kitchen torch, and how to sizzle, glaze, paint on barbecue sauce. read more


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