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PlaceholderSmall black gas grill mounted on a single door cart with shiny steel shelves on each side.
IN 2013 WEBER DISCONTINUED THE DUCANE LINE. The Affinity 3100 is the smallest of Ducane's three gas grills. Ducane grills have been around many years sold with the slogan, "buy your last grill first". As one opens and closes and fiddles with knobs, it's easy to believe the Ducane reputation for basic, functional and durable grills remains intact. "Serviceable" is a word that comes to... Read More
PlaceholderSmall shiny steel portable gas grill with short legs resting on a floor. A small green gas tank is attached to the right side.
Holland went out of business in 2019. All models are discontinued. Like all Holland cookers their Companion Portable Gas Grill has no open flame. A drip pan beneath the stainless steel expanded metal cooking grate completely covers the small burner, insuring you will have zero flare ups. The underpowered burner with Low/Medium/High settings that range from 2600 BTU to 4900 BTU input... Read More
PlaceholderBlack gas grill mounted on a shiny steel single door cart on wheels. A shelf is attached to each side.
Holland went out of business in 2019. All models are discontinued. These unusual "grills" are actually outdoor, gas powered ovens that are completely enclosed with no open flame. Holland's claim to fame is the guarantee of no flare ups. The 20,000 BTU round cast iron burner has only an ON and OFF setting with no ability to adjust cooking temps. People who own a Holland are usually nuts... Read More
PlaceholderLarge cubical oven on a patio with lid up and front wood fire door open. It sits on a patio and has shiny steel shelves on each side.
Britt's Barbecue stopped making smokers in 2008. The Jedmaster 2635 Legend was popular with some of the top cooks on the BBQ competition circuit. The Legend is a flip-top charcoal fueled rotisserie grill/smoker combo with three 9" x 28" chrome plated cooking surfaces (pictured). Made of heavy 14 gauge, powder-coated carbon steel. There is a commercial grade thermometer mounted in the... Read More
PlaceholderSmall black 2-burner gas grill mounted on a single door cart with shelves attached to both sides.
The Master Forge 2-Burner Gas Grill is meant for small spaces like an apartment balcony or small deck. The left and right side tables fold down for easy storage. Two P-shaped stainless steel burners produce 30,000 BTUs. Grates are porcelain-coated cast iron with a 346 square inch of primary cooking area and 109 square inches on the warming rack. Construction is black porcelain-coated... Read More
PlaceholderShiny steel gas grill mounted on a open air black frame with four wheels.
The Master Forge 4-Burner Gas Grill with Side Burner is a stripped down version of their Stainless Steel model with less stainless, lower output burners and an open air cart for about half the cost. It has four 10,000 BTU stainless steel main burners and one 12,000 BTU side burner. Cooking grates are porcelain coated cast iron and it comes with side shelves and electric ignition. Master... Read More
PlaceholderBlack cube with two front doors latched shut with shiny steel latches. A triangular plate on top reads "Onyx Oven".
THE ONYX OVEN IS DISCONTINUED AND HAS BEEN REPLACED BY A SIMILAR CHARCOAL CABINET SMOKER CALLED SHOTGUN BBQ SMOKER. This cabinet style BBQ smoker looks good on paper, but we never laid hands on one. It is double walled with insulation in between (like a refrigerator), very lightweight (only 83 pounds), and it looks to have heavy hinges, heavy latches, air tight doors. It can low and... Read More
PlaceholderShiny steel gas grill with a flat lid mounted on a single door cart with shelves on each side.
Saber dubs their new Edge Grill "A Smarter Barbecue". This eye-catching, technologically advanced, high quality infrared gas grill will surely appeal to the tech/geek in us all. It employs an infrared burner system that is similar to other Saber models, but Edge leaps into the future by incorporating a real-time interactive grilling experience. Saber's parent company, Char-Broil, teamed... Read More
PlaceholderLarge shiny steel gas grill on a matching pedestal with shelves attached to each side.
VIDALIA IS OUT OF BUSINESS. The Vidalia 628 is their mid-size cooker: unlike any other on the market. The unique design has two 20,000 BTU burners on the left direct side and a large water pan on the right indirect side. Air gets pulled in from the left by the gas flames, convection heat naturally moves upward and is deflected back down from the hood where it exits out the right exhaust... Read More
PlaceholderLarge shiny steel cabinet smoker on a beautifully decorated patio. It is mounted on four black metal legs with wheels and the single from door is latched shut.
VIKING HAS DISCONTINUED PRODUCTION OF ALL GRAVITY FEED SMOKERS. The Viking 30" Gravity Feed Charcoal Smoker is the smaller of two smokers. Viking is known for shiny stainless steel high end pro-sumer grade cooking equipment. This 30" cabinet style smoker has 6.7 cubic feet of cooking capacity on three removable shelves. A charcoal fire is started at the bottom of the smoker and it is... Read More


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