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PlaceholderLarge kamado on a patio with green grass in background. It is covered with beautiful blue tile. Two dogs lay resting at the bottom of the kamado.
Komodo Kamados may be the most striking cookers in the world. The Gen 2.6 with a 23" wide top grate, stands 50.5" high, 30" wide at the base, and is 36" deep. It weighs a whopping 534 pounds. They arrive fully assembled, but you might need help getting it out of the crate and into position. The first thing you notice is how well built this zaftig sweetheart is. From the serious 304... Read More
PlaceholderLarge black horizontal barrel smoker on a trailer with big wheels. A chimney is attached to the right side.
Lang's 84" Smoker Cooker is their most popular large capacity, mobile model. With a 71.25" x 28" bottom rack and 53.5 x 27" upper rack, Lang claims it will hold 83 chickens, or 40 - 8lb. butts, or 35 slabs of baby backs. Expanded metal cooking grates are reinforced with square tubing frames. It has a V-shaped grease pan or trough with 2" brass gate valve and a 24" x 24" firebox. Like... Read More
PlaceholderShiny stainless steel gas grill with shelves on each side on an outdoor deck.
Lynx 30" Freestanding All-Sear Grill and Rotisserie is a luxurious stainless steel gas grill with two proprietary 23,000 BTU ProSear-2 infrared burners. As one would expect from Lynx, or from any grill in this price range, it is beautiful to see, touch and work with. Attention to detail and craftsmanship are stunning. With 546 square inches of primary cook surface, it's big for a two... Read More
PlaceholderLynx 36 Sedona Grill
With an unparalleled attention to detail, The Lynx 36” Sedona Freestanding Grill with Rotisserie and Prosear™ Infrared Burner (L600PSFR) is the ultimate marriage of form and function. Known for their high-end outdoor kitchen equipment, Lynx knows how to create freestanding and built-in grills that not only perform but also have major eye appeal. The 36” Sedona is no exception with its... Read More
PlaceholderLarge black upright cabinet smoker with a 5 gallon bottle of water attached to the left side. Two doors are shut with numerous red clamps. It is mounted on a stand with wheels.
Solid and super insulated with a gravity fed water system, Meadow Creek's reputation for thoughtful design coupled with quality construction and craftsmanship are on full display with the BX50 Box Smoker. A unique feature is the water replenishment system: a five gallon jug mounted to the left of the cabinet that feeds a removable water pan located above the coal. "Box" or Cabinet... Read More
PlaceholderLarge black horizontal barrel smoker with lid up showing two cooking racks. It is mounted on a trailer with a big storage area at the front.
Meadow Creek's TS-250 is the second largest BBQ smoker in the TS line.  It's 83" high, 175" long, 58" wide and weighs in at 1,600 pounds (1,900 shipping weight). The cooking grates are 24" by 50 3/8" for the top, and 26.5" by 50.5" for the bottom, and the total is a whopping 2,544 square inches to work with. The warming box above the firebox has three 13.5" x 22.5" grates for almost 304... Read More
PlaceholderShiny stainless steel grill with shelves on each side, mounted on a cart with small wheels.
The Memphis Advantage is their mid-range product and it shares the same sturdy double wall cooking chamber, the same digital controller with meat probe, and the same heavy duty 0.312 diameter stainless rod cooking grates as the larger Pro and Elite models, but is only offered in 430 grade stainless. Pro and Elite may be purchased in top grade 304 stainless. There is 427" main cooking... Read More
PlaceholderLarge shiny stainless steel grill with shelves on each side, mounted on a cart two doors and small wheels.
The Memphis Pro competes well with any BBQ pellet burner on the market. Certainly, none is better looking. It is available on a cart or as a built-in. In 2010 the manufacturer sent us a cart-mounted stainless steel Pro to test. It is extremely well built and designed. We are very impressed with the way this baby is put together. Most impressive, the cooking chamber has two layers of... Read More
PlaceholderBig black square shaped smoker with two doors open showing shiny cooking grates inside. Two chimneys come out the top. A shiny steel door is at the bottom.
Myron Mixon's 750  is his mid-size rotisserie smoker. Not for home use, this 3000 pound beauty is made for high capacity commercial cooking. Rotisserie or carousel smokers are very popular with BBQ restaurants as the multiple racks hold a lot of meat and don't need to be fussed over since they keep the food moving to avoid uneven cooking. Plus meat at the top drips onto racks below so... Read More
PlaceholderBig red cabinet attached to smaller black cabinet on four wheels. The red cabinet has a large door with handle. A brass ball valve sticks out of the bottom of the black cabinet.
Myron Mixon claims his G20 Gravity Feed Smoker is a set it and forget it cooker and initial reports confirm this assertion. Be that as it may, temperature controllers like the popular BBQ Guru are recommended for ultimate ease of use. Cabinet style smokers continue to gain popularity in our backyards and beyond. Mixon's Gravity Feed line boasts beautiful fit and finish and fully welded... Read More


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