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PlaceholderLarge shiny steel horizontal smoke mounted on a large red trailer with wheels. A chimney sticks up on the left side. Parked on pavement with a building in the background.
The modular trailer frame can be custom configured and finished to mount any Pitmaker gear with your choice of color. The 48" Short Sniper Offset BBQ Smoker has three slide out cooking shelves with a total cook surface of 3012 square inches. Plenty of options available from grills to storage to sound systems. 15 foot length with 15 inch wheels.
PlaceholderPitts & Spitts Maverick 1250 pellet grill
The Pitts & Spitts Maverick 1250 pellet grill is their most popular mid-size model and rivals the best thermostatically controlled cookers in the business. For years, I have been using a Pitts & Spitts offset stickburner (the Ultimate Upright Smoker Pit, 36 inch), so I was eager to test their set-it-and-forget-it pellet version. I was not disappointed, although all cookers have... Read More
PlaceholderA large shiny steel box smoker on four black metal legs. A door with a latch is on the front.
The wood burning Southern Pride MLR-150 is one of their smaller smokers meant for BBQ catering, competition and tailgating. The rotisserie design features four hangers with three 10" x 22" cooking racks per hanger. SP claims it can handle 16 butts (recently renamed Boston Roasts), 24 slabs of Saint Louis Cut Ribs (120 with 12 rib racks), 48 chickens or 8 beef briskets. Construction is... Read More
PlaceholderA large shiny steel box smoker on four black metal legs. Two doors with latches are on the front.
The Southern Pride SPK-500 is one of their more popular smokers combining features, footprint, capacity and price into a package that is just right for many applications. The rotisserie design features five hangers with three 12" x 42" cooking racks per hanger. SP claims the 500 can handle 80 butts (recently renamed Boston Roasts), 75 slabs of baby backs, 120 chickens or 40 packer... Read More
PlaceholderBlack upright cabinet smoker on four legs with casters. There are two chimneys on top. On the lower right a small door is open.
As the name indicates, Stump's Baby XL is slightly larger than their popular Baby gravity feed charcoal smoker. Built solid and well insulated with a 18.5" width x 25" height x 22" depth internal cooking area. Thick 1800° insulation is enclosed in a double walled, 16 gauge welded housing. The door has a flexible, washable, high temp gasket and locking latch. Baby XL is said to handle 12... Read More
PlaceholderBlue upright cabinet smoker on four legs with wheels sitting in a driveway. There is one chimneys on top.
The Stump's Junior is one of their mid-size gravity feed charcoal smokers. Built solid and well insulated with a 23" x 23" x 23" internal cooking area, The Junior can smoke 15 slabs of baby backs, or 9-12 butts, or 24-30 chickens at once. Temperature range is said to be 175 – 450 degrees. It holds 16 pounds of charcoal in chute and burns about one pound per hour at 225 degrees. The... Read More
PlaceholderLarge black upright cabinet smoker on four legs with wheels. The big front door is open showing slide our cooking racks, There is one chimney on top.
Stump's XL Stretch is a large, commercial capacity gravity fed charcoal smoker suitable for commercial use. Built solid and well insulated with a 32" width x 34" height x 23" depth internal cooking area. Thick 1800° insulation is enclosed in a double walled, 16 gauge welded housing. The door has a flexible, washable, high temp gasket and locking latch. XL Stretch handles 48 - 56 slabs... Read More
PlaceholderA large black smoker with a shiny steel shelf in front and a large black box attached low in the back, mounted on a steel frame with four wheels.
The Good-One Marshall is a big combo grill and smoker recommended for hunting clubs, tailgating, competitions, or light commercial use. This cleverly designed charcoal unit uses the same concepts of an offset BBQ smoker, but it works better. There is a rear firebox and grill that has two air intakes and a damper that runs the entire length of the firebox that controls smoke and heat to... Read More
PlaceholderLarge shiny steel cabinet mounted on a larger steel cabinet with two wheels on the lower right side. A door on the upper cabinet has a round gauge.
The hardest part of cooking with charcoal is getting the cooking chamber to the right temperature and keeping it there. The pit master's art is a balancing act, carefully regulating airflow and feeding fuel to keep the temp from see-sawing up and down. Nathan Moore, a mechanical engineer, has designed a unique fuel feed system that allows even novice BBQ smokers to hit and easily... Read More
PlaceholderBeautiful stainless steel gas grill on double door cart with shelves on both sides..
Twin Eagles makes some of the most beautiful, luxurious BBQ gas grills we've seen, right up there with Fire Magic, matching high power cooking performance with stunning fit and finish. This 3-burner, mid-sized model is offered on a cart or as a drop-in head for installation. Twin Eagles employs high grade ceramic briquettes set in stainless steel frames instead of the more typical heat... Read More


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