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PlaceholderVery large contraption made of stainless steel and red bricks. A large bar connected to a crank wheels is suspended above with a roof covering all. Large storage areas can be seen at the base.
Designed to knock out both the cook and client, this spectacular machine is intended for cutting edge restaurants that want to enflame their guest's dining experience. At 135 inches wide and 1600 pounds, it is essentially a very large version of Grillwork's popular Asador with independent left and right grills and a fire cage at the center. The fire cage is a raised fire box with large... Read More
Placeholderooni 3 pizza oven with gas burner
Ooni 3 with Gas Burner is a small, lightweight, cleverly designed portable pizza oven. Formerly named Uuni, the manufacturer claims that Ooni 3 is capable of a 13” pie, but I think 10” is the ideal size. Ooni 3 comes standard with a wood pellet burner. I strongly prefer the optional gas burner and give it our Gold Medal for reasons discussed below. Click here to read our review of the... Read More
Placeholderooni koda
The Ooni Koda is a superb 21 pound portable pizza oven capable of making restaurant quality pies in 2 to 3 minutes. In 2018, I gave top marks to the propane fired version of the Ooni 3 portable pizza oven, and in 2017 I gave poor marks to the pellet fired version. In 2019, Ooni one-upped itself with the propane fired Ooni Koda. They have completely redesigned it from the ground up so... Read More
PlaceholderPizza oven with red refractory front and shiny steel top with a chimney. laced on a metal frame with shelves underneath in a backyard with green grass and a wood fence in the background.
The Pizza Party Pizzone is their largest pizza oven, big enough for 3 pies (4 is possible but not practical). It is 70 x 90 cm (27.5 x 31.5”), and it weighs 152 pounds. It has a dome that is high quality stainless steel inside and a painted aluminum exterior with a ceramic fabric insulation. The manufacturer claims the exterior paint is highly durable but I have not had mine long enough... Read More
PlaceholderOoni 3 pizza oven
Ooni 3 is a small, lightweight, portable pizza oven. The manufacturer claims that Ppni 3 is capable of a 13” pie, but I think 10” is the ideal size. Ooni 3 comes standard with a wood pellet burner, which we found lacking and is Not Recommended for reasons described below. I strongly prefer the Ooni 3 with their optional gas burner. Click here to read our review of Ooni 3 with Gas... Read More
PlaceholderBeautiful pizza oven with a dome oven on for heavy legs with a shelf on the bottom. A chimney comes from the dome top. The oven is on an outdoor patio with shrubbery in the background.
Alfa Pizza's 5 Minuti is so named for the ability to heat up quickly, although Alfa recommends you give it 15 minutes before cooking. Metal pizza ovens are known to heat up quickly in contrast to the traditional refractory ovens made with clay or modern refractory material. The 5 Minuti has a stainless steel dome and cart. The 23.6" x 19.7" cook surface is refractory stone. The dome and... Read More
PlaceholderLarge black, gray and tan cylindrical object on a gray stand. There is a small chimney at the top and a half-moon shaped door in front.
Earthstone's 90-PA Wood Fired Pre-Assembled Oven is their most popular free-standing residential model. With a 35" cooking diameter interior and a 20" wide by 9.5" high oven entrance, it's big enough to do three to four 8" pizzas or two to three 12" pizzas. It is also available as a gas model or combo gas and wood model. The oven body parts are a cast 4 to 6 inch thick, high temperature... Read More
PlaceholderLarge black upright cabinet with three doors that are swung open to the left showing racks inside the upper and middle sections and a slide out tray in the bottom. The cabinet is in a room with white walls.
EcoQue's Wood Fired Pizza Oven and Smoker design is based on Fontana Forni's dual chamber pizza ovens that are made in Italy. The fire is built in the lower chamber and your food is baked and cooked in the upper chamber. EcoQue adds a second cooking chamber which can be used for smoking and roasting. Unlike domed pizza ovens with an open front, these multi chamber designs have hinged... Read More
PlaceholderBlack upright cabinet with arched metal top. A chimney comes out of the top. There are three doors in front. The top door has a window.
As the name indicates, The Small-Est is indeed Fontana Forni's smallest model, with exterior dimensions of 29" x 29" x 65".  This is one of Fontana's dual chambered models: the fire is built in the lower chamber and your food is baked and cooked in the upper chamber. Cooking capacity is increased with two slide out stainless steel shelves. Unlike domed pizza ovens with an open front,... Read More
PlaceholderBeautiful clay pizza oven with arched top and tall steel chimney placed on a terra cotta tile patio with scenic landscape in the background. Wood burns inside the oven.
Fontana considers The Forno Toscano Margherita Wood Fired Pizza Oven to be their signature product. Unlike their Dual Chamber designs with enclosed fire and cook boxes, Margherita is a traditional domed pizza oven with an open front.  Exterior dimensions are 34" x 31" x 77" and interior dimensions are 24" x 24" x 14".  Instead of bricks or cast refractory material, Fontana uses heavily... Read More


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