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PlaceholderBlack upright barrel with dome shaped lid mounted on three legs. A tube comes from the bottom and is attached to a white tank on the left..
On October 8, 2015, Brinkmann filed for Chapter 11 under the US bankruptcy code.  The Brinkmann All-In-One Gas & Charcoal Smoker, Grill & Fryer is a cheapo versatile bullet that is best when cooking with gas, but can be adapted to cook with charcoal. Read more about setups for Charcoal Bullet Smokers. It can also be used as a smoker, brazier, or deep fryer. This was Meathead's... Read More
PlaceholderBlack upright barrel with dome shaped lid. There is a handle on each side and one on the lid. A small shiny steel door is on the front.
On October 8, 2015, Brinkmann filed for Chapter 11 under the US bankruptcy code.  Brinkmann Charcoal Bullet Smokers are also known as El Cheapo Brinkmanns or ECBs for short. They come in a few different styles: Gourmet, Smoke 'N Grill, Sportsman and Cook'N Ca'Jun II. The El Cheapo price makes them very popular, but we can't recommend any BBQ ECBs primarily because there are no vents in... Read More
PlaceholderTwo separate black horizoantal barrel grills mounted side by side on one metal frame with four legs and two wheels. Both grills have two small chimneys each and a shelf is attached on the left.
On October 8, 2015, Brinkmann filed for Chapter 11 under the US bankruptcy code.  When you see the Brinkmann Dual Function Charcoal/Gas Smoker and Grill at Home Depot you'll be tempted. It looks pretty and promises a lot. There's a three-burner propane gas grill on the left and a charcoal grill on the right, with 403 square inches primary cooking surface and 185 square inches on the... Read More
PlaceholderBlack horizontal barrel smoker mounted on four legs with two large wheels and a lower storage shelf. A smaller black barrel is attached to the left side and a chimney is located on the right side.
On October 8, 2015, Brinkmann filed for Chapter 11 under the US bankruptcy code.  Cheap Offset Smokers like this Brinkmann can ruin your day, party and marriage. Don't buy them! We have a lengthy dissertation explaining why. In short: they are hard to use and don't produce the best BBQ results. This Brinkmann model is exactly the same as Char-Broil's American Gourmet Deluxe, with bigger... Read More
PlaceholderKamado Grills aka - OUT OF BUSINESS
This troubled company has been sold and the new owner claims he started over and completely redesigned the entire product line which is manufactured in the USA under a different name. We were never able to find pictures or prices or much of anything about Kamado Grills except for complaints. BUT LOOKOUT! It appears the original owner has resurfaced with a sketchy website: http://... Read More
PlaceholderLarge black boxy grill mounted on four legs with four wheels and a shelf attached to each side. A chimney is at the left side top. The lid has a shiny steel handle and there is a hand crank at the lower right side.
A lot of people like this Lowe's exclusive grill*, so we went to kick the tires and were sorry to find it is about as flimsy as flimsy gets. It's so cheaply constructed that it made the POJ Char-Griller on display next to it look good. The dampers were rickety and out of line with the vents in the body, there's no way this thing can control air and heat well. On the plus side, it has an... Read More
PlaceholderBlack bullet shaped upright smoker with domed lid. There are handles on each side and on the lid. A small shiny steel door is located in front.
The Master Forge Charcoal Smoker/Griller, like the notorious El Cheapo Brinkmann line, is a low cost bullet smoker aka water smoker. Like Brinkmann bullets, this Master Forge smoker is tough to use. Charcoal is burnt in a pan with holes running along the side.  No charcoal grate is included to raise the coal off the bottom of the pan, and no dampers are included either. The poor design... Read More
PlaceholderBlack horizontal barrel mounted on four thin legs with two wheels.
On October 8, 2015, Brinkmann filed for Chapter 11 under the US bankruptcy code.  The Brinkmann 28" Barrel Style Charcoal Grill is a generic device offered in similar versions by other manufacturers. This one is smallish and stripped down to the BBQ basics. It has an adjustable height charcoal tray, removable ash pan and porcelain coated steel grates. Although these grills are popular,... Read More
PlaceholderSmall round black charcoal grill with no legs. Food is cooking on the round grate and we see hot charcoal underneath
On October 8, 2015, Brinkmann filed for Chapter 11 under the US bankruptcy code.  With no lid or dampers to control heat, the Brinkmann Go Grill Portable Charcoal Grill is only suitable for thin meats that cook fast like burgers and steaks. If that's all you plan on cooking, the 17" diameter chrome plated steel grate provides a fairly large cooking surface of 226 square inches for 30... Read More
PlaceholderBlack grill mounted on a double door cart with shelves on each side. It looks like a gas grill but has no control knobs. Instead there is a rectangular door where the control knobs are typically placed.
On October 8, 2015, Brinkmann filed for Chapter 11 under the US bankruptcy code.  The Brinkmann Professional Single Zone Charcoal Grill is a Home Depot exclusive for under 200 bucks. Standing nearly four feet tall and a little over five feet wide, it is powder black, features 2 side tables, has 576 square inches of main cooking surface and 202 on the warming rack. That's enough main... Read More


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