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PlaceholderBig black horizontal barrel smoker on a large trailer with large wheels. Parked in a driveway with grass and trees in the background.
Jambo Pits Economy Model is their Jambo Junior residential BBQ smoker mounted on a trailer. With a 24" X 48" barrel, 24" X 24" X 20" firebox and plain black finish, it lacks the size and pizazz of Jambo's big, colorful competition rigs, but shares the same quality construction and thoughtful design features that make Jambo the cooking choice of many award winning competitive teams. This... Read More
PlaceholderLarge black horizontal smoker with a tall chimney on the left. Mounted on a large black trailer with large wheels. Blue sky and green trees in the background.
The J-5 is a competition BBQ pit with a 28" diameter, 5’4” x 26” cooking chamber mounted on a large trailer that can hold extra goodies like optional side boxes. Jambo never uses pre-fabricated pipe. The cooking chamber is made from rolled 7 gauge carbon steel. The 26" x 26" x 30" insulated firebox has a 7 gauge steel exterior and ¼” carbon steel interior. The firebox door is ¼” steel.... Read More
PlaceholderLarge stainless steel gas grill with lots of control knobs on a big cart with two drawers and two doors. The background is green.
The K1000HS is Kalamazoo's largest model with 1012 square inches of primary cook surface, four immense Dragon Burners and two Infrared Rotisserie Burners. All models were redesigned in 2012 for a sleeker, less industrial look. In keeping with their motto, "Never Compromise", Kalamazoo continues to overbuild with top quality 304, heavy gauge stainless steel. The K1000 weighs over 600... Read More
PlaceholderKalamazoo K500HS Hybrid Fire Grill
The K500HS is Kalamazoo's smallest model with 506 square inches of primary cook surface, two immense Dragon Burners and one Infrared Rotisserie Burner. All models were redesigned in 2012 for a sleeker, less industrial look. In keeping with their motto, "Never Compromise", Kalamazoo continues to overbuild with top quality 304, heavy gauge stainless steel. The K500 weighs 525 pounds. The... Read More
PlaceholderRed kamado on a stand with four legs. It has black shelves on both side with BBQ tools hanging.
Kamado Joe Big Joe is a well-crafted ceramic cooker that presents strong competition to other 24" models in the premium priced market. The new BigJoe improves on their previous version with a number of remarkable upgrades that exemplify the elegance and innovation that are hallmarks of Kamado Joe. Read on to get the details. Kamado Joe first caught our attention in 2014 with their... Read More
PlaceholderBlack horizontal barrel smoker on pavement in front of a outdoor wood deck.
Here's Dave Klose' idea of a small BBQ smoker. With 720 square inches of primary cooking surface the 20" x 36" Heavy Duty Pipe Smoker can handle 12 to 20 people. One of their most popular backyard models, the 20"x 36" has a 20" x 20" firebox with a five level, adjustable height "meat rack". The smoke stack has a damper and a removable ash pan comes standard. A 10' x 36" folding front... Read More
PlaceholderBig black boxy smoker with lid up showing two levels of cooking grates. It is mounted on a heavy frame with big wheels and sits in front of an in ground swimming pool.
The 20" x 42" Grill Chef is one of Klose Pit's most popular residential cookers and WOW! What BBQ aficionado wouldn't want this in their backyard? Klose is one of the most respected names in traditional, competition grade "stick burners": offset smokers that burn logs in a side firebox, separate from the larger smoke box. Cheap Offset Smokers like the ones you get at hardware stores are... Read More
PlaceholderVery large horizontal barrel smoker mounted on a trailer with large wheels. It has two open doors showing three levels of cooking rack in each section. On the left are two large chimneys.
The Klose 30" by 6 foot Mobile Smoker has two doors and a 30" x 30" firebox. Stainless steel door handles are air cooled and there are lock down rods for each door. It features Dual 6" Smokestacks, a high quality Bulldog coupler with safety chains and tail lights. Our posted MSRP is for the standard BBQ smoker with no extras. The model pictured at the top of this page is loaded with... Read More
PlaceholderVery large horizontal smoker mounted on a trailer with large wheels. It has three open doors showing many levels of cooking rack in each section. On the left are two large chimneys. Rig
The Klose 30" by 8 foot Mobile Smoker is one of their most popular big BBQ rigs. It has two doors and a 30" x 30" firebox. The Upright is a large cabinet smoker box attached to the main barrel. A sliding damper separates the two. With the damper closed, the Upright is 75 to 100 degrees cooler, open the Upright and barrel are the same temp. Stainless steel door handles are air cooled and... Read More
PlaceholderLarge kamado on a patio with green grass in background. It is covered with beautiful blue tile. Two dogs lay resting at the bottom of the kamado.
Komodo Kamados may be the most striking cookers in the world. The Gen 2.6 with a 23" wide top grate, stands 50.5" high, 30" wide at the base, and is 36" deep. It weighs a whopping 534 pounds. They arrive fully assembled, but you might need help getting it out of the crate and into position. The first thing you notice is how well built this zaftig sweetheart is. From the serious 304... Read More


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