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PlaceholderUrn or lava lamp shaped, black pellet smoker with a shelf attached on the right side.
The Grilla pellet smoker sure catches your eye. We always liked Grilla, but the original MSRP of $1,600 seemed steep. We felt a premium was being placed on the cool cosmetics. In 2016 Grilla Grills made a substantial price cut and it can now be purchased factory direct for $799 with free shipping. That drew us off the fence and into the jungle. Form does follow function in some aspects... Read More
PlaceholderHorizontal barrel-shaped smoker on a double door cart on an outdoor deck.
Grilla Grills’ full-sized Silverbac pellet cookers are solid, well-built and well thought out pieces of BBQ equipment. Grilla introduced their popular, industry first, vertical round pellet grill known as the original “Grilla” in 2010. Silverbac reverts to the more common horizontal rectangular grill shape, and according to their website, it has become the new “patriarch of the Grilla... Read More
PlaceholderCharcoal grill with a black box lower half and shiny steel hood. There is a window in the hood, a shelf in front and on the left side. Under the left side shelf is a hand crank.
The Hasty-Bake Continental 83 Dual Finish Charcoal Grill is a smaller version of the Gourmet model that Meathead tested and declared to be the finest BBQ charcoal grill he ever worked with. To learn more, read his review of the Hasty-Bake Gourmet 256 Dual Finish Charcoal Grill. The Continental has 289 square inches of primary cooking area and an upper grate that adds another 215 square... Read More
PlaceholderHunsaker Vortex Smoker
Upright Barrel Smokers, aka Ugly Drum Smokers, have been popular for many years. In the past, most were homemade by do-it-yourselfers from a 55 gallon drum, scrounged up parts and a little elbow grease. Hence the "Ugly" moniker. But Hunsaker offers professionally made cookers that are not your father's Ugly Drum Smoker. In fact, they're downright good-looking. They come in a selection... Read More
PlaceholderLarge black horizontal barrel smoker with tall chimney on the left and large firebox on the right.
Jambo Junior is the smallest BBQ smoker offered by Jambo Pits. With a 24" X 48" barrel, 24" X 24" X 20" firebox and plain black finish, it lacks the size and pizazz of Jambo's big, colorful competition rigs, but shares the same quality construction and thoughtful design features that make Jambo the cooking choice of many award winning competitive teams. This stock model features two... Read More
PlaceholderBig black horizontal barrel smoker on a large trailer with large wheels. Parked in a driveway with grass and trees in the background.
Jambo Pits Economy Model is their Jambo Junior residential BBQ smoker mounted on a trailer. With a 24" X 48" barrel, 24" X 24" X 20" firebox and plain black finish, it lacks the size and pizazz of Jambo's big, colorful competition rigs, but shares the same quality construction and thoughtful design features that make Jambo the cooking choice of many award winning competitive teams. This... Read More
PlaceholderRed kamado on a stand with four legs. It has black shelves on both side with BBQ tools hanging.
Kamado Joe Big Joe is a well-crafted ceramic cooker that presents strong competition to other 24" models in the premium priced market. The new BigJoe improves on their previous version with a number of remarkable upgrades that exemplify the elegance and innovation that are hallmarks of Kamado Joe. Read on to get the details. Kamado Joe first caught our attention in 2014 with their... Read More
PlaceholderBlack horizontal barrel smoker on pavement in front of a outdoor wood deck.
Here's Dave Klose' idea of a small BBQ smoker. With 720 square inches of primary cooking surface the 20" x 36" Heavy Duty Pipe Smoker can handle 12 to 20 people. One of their most popular backyard models, the 20"x 36" has a 20" x 20" firebox with a five level, adjustable height "meat rack". The smoke stack has a damper and a removable ash pan comes standard. A 10' x 36" folding front... Read More
PlaceholderLarge kamado on a patio with green grass in background. It is covered with beautiful blue tile. Two dogs lay resting at the bottom of the kamado.
Komodo Kamados may be the most striking cookers in the world. The Gen 2.6 with a 23" wide top grate, stands 50.5" high, 30" wide at the base, and is 36" deep. It weighs a whopping 534 pounds. They arrive fully assembled, but you might need help getting it out of the crate and into position. The first thing you notice is how well built this zaftig sweetheart is. From the serious 304... Read More
PlaceholderBlack horizontal barrel smoker with lid up showing cooking grate racks inside. A chimney is attached to the right side. It sits on pavement with a large field in the background an a wood shed.
Lang's 36" Patio Smoker is their most popular residential model. With two 18.5" x 15" bottom racks and a 23.5" x 16" sliding upper rack, Lang claims it will hold 60 to 72 lbs. of meat with room to spare. Expanded metal cooking grates are reinforced with square tubing frames. It has a V-shaped grease pan or trough with 2" brass gate valve and a 17" x 17" firebox. Like all Lang smokers,... Read More


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