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PlaceholderBlack horizontal barrel smoker mounted on four legs with two wheels. A smaller black barrel is attached to the right side. The lids of both barrel are up.
About the only good thing we can say about the Char-Griller Smokin' Pro is the price is unbeatable. MSRP on this is way inflated. You can easily find these for substantially less. Many wide-eyed first time smokers, including me, thought it made sense to buy this tin can as a starter model to learn what BBQ smoking is about before moving up to a more expensive cooker. The problem with... Read More
PlaceholderSmall shiny steel dome with a black knob on the top. This is a cut away view that shows the inside. There is a small pile of charcoal at the bottom and a round cooking grate right above loaded with meat and vegetables.
The Cobb Premier Portable Charcoal Grill is a unique stainless steel grill. Weighing just 8 pounds and needing only 8 charcoal briquettes to cook for about 2 hours, Cobb Premier can grill (poorly), smoke (nicely), boil (just fine), fry (no prob), or bake (yes it can), although you'll need some additional Cobb accessories to fully utilize its capabilities. The problem isa that foods are... Read More
PlaceholderMasterbuilt 30" Electric Digital Smokehouse with Top Control
The Masterbuilt 30" Electric Digital Smokehouse with Top Control, (also made with the Cabela's label), is a clever concept, with flawed execution. We get regular emails from people whose MBES are malfunctioning, more than any other grill or smoker. They have a few other electric models and all have some interesting features but Buyer Beware! We bought two of these back to back. The... Read More
PlaceholderBlack upright cabinet smoker with a window in the front door showing food cooking inside. An electric control panel is located on top.
Masterbuilt's 30" Electric Smokehouse is loaded with bells and whistles. This thermostatically controlled BBQ smoker allows you to set cooking temp from 100 ° to 275° and monitor internal meat temp with an integrated probe, and it has internal lights. All functions can be controlled and monitored with an included RF remote. It also has a side door for replenishing wood without... Read More
PlaceholderBlack horizontal barrel smoker mounted on four legs with two large wheels and a lower storage shels. There is a chimney on the left and a smaller barrel attached to the right side.
The Smoke Hollow 40" Barrel Smoker is a horizontal offset smoker and seems very similar to the Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe and the Brinkmann Trailmaster. But it costs twice as much. Smoke Hollow claims heavier steel construction justifies the significantly higher price, but they were unable to provide specs. This isn't a hot item for Smoke Hollow and it is in limited distribution. We... Read More
PlaceholderTwo black bbq grills mounted side by side on a large black frame with four legs, four wheels and a lower shelf. Both lids are up.
A gas grill and charcoal grill/smoker for $400: three cookers rolled into one. Use just one side for cooking a couple steaks or both sides for parties. Although some owners gripe that cook surface on each side is smallish. The low powered gas grill has three 10,000 BTU stainless steel tube burners and a 9,300 BTU side burner flush mounted on a side shelf. The charcoal side includes an... Read More
PlaceholderTwo gray bbq grills mounted side by side on a large gray frame with four legs, four wheels and a lower shelf.
The   Smoke Hollow Charcoal/Gas Grill is one of several in this growing category of BBQ combo cookers. You get everything but the kitchen sink: Gas grill with three stainless steel burners and a sear burner on the left side shelf. Charcoal grill with an adjustable coal tray for direct heat grilling and an attached firebox for offset smoking and indirect cooking Porcelain... Read More
PlaceholderBlack boxy cabinet mounted on a black metal frame with four legs and four wheels. There are shiny steel shelves in front and on the left side.
American Barbecue Systems All-Star Grill and Smoker is effectively two cookers in one. It has an offset firebox that runs along the back of the cookbox and three stainless steel grates that may be placed at low, middle and high positions for smoking. Or you can build a charcoal fire at the bottom of the cookbox and use one stainless grate above the heat for grilling. Smoking with three... Read More
PlaceholderLarge black boxy cabinet with two doors in front and a hood on top, in a room with white walls.
American Barbecue Systems Bar-Be-Cube ia a charcoal cabinet or vertical smoker with a couple neat design twists. Four of the five stainless steel cooking shelves inside the BBQ smoke box may be accessed by the front door, while the fifth sits on top under a hinged hood like a regular charcoal grill. The firebox at the bottom is in a slide out drawer and may be removed and repositioned... Read More
PlaceholderVery large black cabinet with a dome shaped top mounted on a trailer with wheels and parked in a parking lot There are two doors on the right side and two chimneys on the domed top.
American Barbecue System's Judge 4 ft. is a large capacity smoker suitable for commercial and BBQ competition use. It has an electric rotisserie that rotates meats on eight stainless steel shelves. As the rotisserie racks move in a carousel path, juices drip to the racks below to self-baste and the constant motion ensures even cooking. The large firebox is positioned at the back below... Read More


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