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PlaceholderSmall black rectangular grill with short legs placed on a floor. There is a rectangular cooking grate on top and a metal door on the bottom.
The Lodge Sportsman's Grill is a top of the line hibachi. Even though the seasoned cast iron needs regular maintenance, most owners are crazy about this little grill and love it for camping, BBQ tailgating, picnics and patio use. The 17 ½" x 9" cooking grate can be placed at two heights above the coal bed. A sliding damper at the bottom adjusts air and heat, and flip down door on the... Read More
PlaceholderSmall boxy pellet smoker on four short legs. A box attached to the left side has an oval plate labeled "Louisiana".
TG-300 is the smallest smoker in Louisiana Grill's Country Smokers line. The tabletop body has short legs and no wheels. At 26.5" H x 36.5" W x 19.5" D weighing 94 pounds it is big enough to smoke a turkey and small enough to transport in a truck or van. Keep in mind; wherever you go with the TG you need access to electric power. In 2014 it underwent significant upgrades.  The new... Read More
PlaceholderBlack upright barrel with dome shaped lid mounted on four legs. A tube comes from the bottom.
You gotta love the versatility and price of Masterbuilt's 7 in 1 Smoker and Grill. It can use either gas or charcoal as fuel. It converts into a brazier or a tripod for boiling water or deep frying and it comes with a 10.5 quart aluminum pot and basket. Like most bullets, it uses an enamel water/drip pan to put moisture into the cooking chamber. It has a small door at the bottom so you... Read More
PlaceholderA shiny metal bucket shaped object with a handle on top. "Old Smokey" is printed on an oblong plate attached to the front.
The Old Smokey Charcoal Grill #18 Medium is a drum shaped charcoal grill that's been around since 1953. It is made from aluminized steel and comes with an 18" diameter cooking grate which sits in the mid-section of Old Smokey above the charcoal grate. The coal grate is a round disc with vent holes radiating from the center. There is bottom damper under the coal and a top damper on the... Read More
A very clever and unusual design, the Orion excels at keeping meat moist and cooking fast. Well, maybe it isn't that unusual. It is really a hi-tech variation on the cowboy method of cooking in a Dutch oven where the pot sits on coals and coals sit on top of the pot. It is especially good for chicken, turkey, fish, and beef brisket. It is all stainless steel, lightweight and portable,... Read More
PlaceholderRed upright cabinet with two open doors showing the shiny metal interior with three racks and a metal box at the bottom.
The Red Box Smoker is a portable, insulated reverse flow charcoal smoker meant for residential and competition use. The compact 16" wide x 18" deep x 28" tall size, 68 pound weight and large 304 grade stainless steel handles on each side make it  manageable for one person to move. It comes with three 12.5" x 11.5" stainless steel cooking racks that slide in on L brackets that are 4.5"... Read More
PlaceholderShiny box with dials on top and lever on the side on an outdoor patio.
The Otto Grill, aka Otto Wilde O.F.B (Over Fired Broiler) is one of a small, but growing number of outdoor salamander grills emerging in the US market. Salamander grills apply intense heat from above to sear and brown food surfaces and have been used in various forms for hundreds of years. The name stems from folklore that salamanders, those lizard-like amphibians with red and orange... Read More
PlaceholderSmall black box with lid up showing a cooking grate on the right and a metal cover on the left. An electric dial controller is on the lower left of the box.
We haven't found many portable pellet smokers and the PTG (Portable Traeger Grill) is the smallest we've seen. It only weighs 40 lbs. and dimensions are 13" H x 21" W x 17" D. The lid latches shut and you can carry it by the handle like a suitcase. With 169 square inches of cook surface and about 6 inches of head room, cooking possibilities are limited. Still this unique little cooker... Read More
PlaceholderSmall shallow round metal object with lots of holes all over on short legs. A black fabric bag in the background is labeled "Volcano".
The Volcano 3 Collapsible Grill has a very unique design that enables it to be compressed from a 17" height down to 5" for easy storage and transport. Take it out of the included storage bag and pop it open. The legs automatically extend with the body. When finished, the whole unit retracts back to fit in the carrying case. Pretty neat! It burns propane, charcoal or wood. Many owners... Read More
PlaceholderSmall gray flying saucer shaped object on a curved black cradle on the ground. An electric power cord is attached on the right.
Q 1400 is the smallest Weber electric with 189 square inches of cook surface. It has a dark grey cast aluminum body and glass-reinforced nylon frame. Most BBQ electrics have limited upper temp ranges, but many owners report Weber's Q electrics put a pretty good sear on a steak. Weber states their electrics reach 500 degrees, but can get hotter depending on ambient temperature. They... Read More


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