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PlaceholderSmall gray flying saucer shaped object on a curved black cradle on the ground. An electric power cord is attached on the right.
Q 2400 is the largest Weber electric with 280 square inches of cook surface. It has a dark grey cast aluminum body and glass-reinforced nylon frame. Most BBQ electrics have limited upper temp ranges, but many owners report Weber's Q electrics put a pretty good sear on a steak. Weber states their electrics reach 500 degrees, but can get hotter depending on ambient temperature. They... Read More
PlaceholderBlack bullet shaped smoker with a large shiny steel door on the front.
For 2014 Weber brought back the 14.5" compact version of their popular Smokey Mountain Series. WSMs are high quality, charcoal fueled, bullet-shaped smokers. They are often seen competing head to head with large commercial cookers at practically every BBQ competition. And winning. They take very little time to master, and there are a lot of tricks the experts use to produce incredible... Read More
PlaceholderSmall charcoal grill with red lid and black bottom mounted on four thin metal legs with two wheels. There are two shelves on each side, The right shelf is folded down.
Aussie Grills is owned by Meco Corporation in Greenville, TN. They are often referred to as Meco Grills or Meco Aussie Grills. Aussie manufactures three charcoal models: Swinger, Sizzler and their popular Walk-a-Bout grills. All three styles are very similar with about 340 square inches of cooking surface on nickel plated rod grates. Our posted MSRP is for the 4106 Swinger Square... Read More
PlaceholderSmall black box with lid up showing a cooking grate. It sits on the floor on thin metal legs.
Char-Broil's Table Top Gas Grill is a burner in a box. Lightweight and inexpensive with a single, 11,000 BTU burner that is fueled by 16.4 oz. or 14.1 oz. propane cylinders. Lightweight is the operative word which is good for BBQ portability, not so good for durability. Thin metal all the way around, chrome plated cooking grate and wire legs that fold up to secure the lid for easy... Read More
PlaceholderShallow red metal bowl on a red metal stand with four legs.
The FireDisc 36” Red is a 22” diameter heavy carbon steel disc which rests on a two-piece, interlocking, equally heavy steel stand with a single gas burner. The stand is 36” tall. It runs off a 16.4oz. LP canister and comes with a 20lb. LP tank adaptor hose. Portability and durability, coupled with rather large capacity are attractive attributes. However, manufacturer claims that this... Read More
PlaceholderShiny steel gas grill attached to the back of a white vehicle with a curved metal arm. The grill is hooked up to a white tank.
Party King's SWING 'N Smoke MVP Grill packages are their most popular models consisting of a 3-burner gas grill mounted on a steel arm attached to your trailer hitch. When ready, the arm swings out and away from your vehicle and a two legged adjustable stand folds down from the bottom for added support and stability. MVP is PK's largest grill head with 540 square inches of primary... Read More
PlaceholderShiny steel gas grill attached to the back of a red vehicle with a curved metal arm.
Party King makes modular systems with many parts and options. There is the grill head (two models, the MVP with three burners, and the Varsity with one burner), the cradle in which it is mounted, and a number of ways to mount them from a swing arm for mounting on your trailer hitch or your RV, "all terrain" carts with four large wheels handy for the beach, a patio pack cart that has... Read More
PlaceholderBlack bullet shaped smoker on short legs on the left, smaller black grill on the right.
The Southern Country 2 in 1 Water Smoker and Charcoal Grill, as the name indicates, can be used as a bullet style water smoker, or converted to a "lock and go" portable grill. The clever design allows you to remove the midsection, then place the lid on the base and turn clockwise until it locks. Grab the handle and go! When smoking, it is easy to add wood chips, chunks, or pellets with... Read More
PlaceholderBright lime green portable charcoal kettle grill resting on a curved steel tube stand with a red handle on the lid.
BODUM's FYRKAT Picnic Charcoal Grill is a small, portable kettle with a cool look, available in bright red and lime green. 15 inch diameter and 5.6 pound weight make it slightly smaller than the far superior Weber Smoky Joe. It has steel rod cooking grates and a wire rack coal grate. The handle is made from soft, colorful silicone and is connected to the lid damper to help adjust air... Read More
PlaceholderSmall black horizontal barrel grill on four short legs with a wooden handle up front.
Char-Griller's Table Top Charcoal Grill is the firebox to their popular BBQ offset smokers on legs. It has a charcoal grate on the bottom and a cast iron cooking grate on top. The charcoal tray rests in a drawer that slides out via a handle on the right side. Although these grills are popular and inexpensive, we suggest you consider Weber's Jumbo Joe Portable Grill instead. Weber's... Read More


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