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PlaceholderVery large shiny stainless steel outdoor cooking set up with a smoker on the left, a chimney in the middle and a gas grill on the right.
Texas Pit Crafters PM 400S is a charcoal smoker and gas grill combo unit that displays the versatility and rugged Texan luxury of their product line. The PM 400S is high quality 304 stainless steel with a full size charcoal pit with adjustable cooking rack on one side and a two-burner gas grill on the other. Burner configurations may be customized with H-burners, IR burners or one of... Read More
PlaceholderShiny stainless steel smoker with a firebox on the left and chimney on the right. The lid is up showing steel rod cooking grates. It is mounted on a four legged frame with a bottom shelf.
The Texas Pit Crafters PM 500S is constructed with top quality 304 stainless steel and heavy gauge carbon steel. You don't see many shiny stainless steel pits outside of the Texas Pit Crafters catalog. This BBQ beauty has a removable water pan in the main cooking chamber and a removable ash pan in the fire box. The front stainless shelf wraps around the right side to provide extra work... Read More
PlaceholderGrayish green kamado on a shiny metal stand with four legs and four wheels. It has a shiny metal cap and wood shelves on each side.
Vision's Classic B Series Kamado is slightly larger than standard, 18.5" large round kamados and has some unique and interesting features. The B Series models are standard kamados that do not feature Vision's unique ProZone slide-out damper and ash removal system. Vision kamados are rather well made, especially considering the modest price which is often reduced dramatically for promos... Read More
PlaceholderWeber SmokeFire EX4 24" Wood Fired Pellet Grill
We purchased our Weber SmokeFire EX4 (the 24” model) in February 2020 shortly after Weber began shipping them, and we ran it through our thorough testing regimen. Unfortunately, we were scooped because within days of shipping, several consumers, YouTubers, and bloggers had already dismissed it as a “dumpster fire” after only a few cooks. Well, after more than a few cooks and tests, we... Read More
PlaceholderBlack bullet shaped smoker on short legs on the left, smaller black grill on the right.
The Southern Country 2 in 1 Water Smoker and Charcoal Grill, as the name indicates, can be used as a bullet style water smoker, or converted to a "lock and go" portable grill. The clever design allows you to remove the midsection, then place the lid on the base and turn clockwise until it locks. Grab the handle and go! When smoking, it is easy to add wood chips, chunks, or pellets with... Read More
PlaceholderBlack horizontal barrel smoker mounted on four legs with two wheels. A smaller black barrel is attached to the left side and a chimney is located on the right side.
We do not like or recommend cheap offset smokers like American Gourmet. Yes, the sticker price is low, the big horizontal drum looks like your BBQ dream come true, and if you don't mind spending time and money for parts, (not to mention ruined meat), you may eventually get one to work OK. But they are a nightmare for a novice and by the time you add your hours and out of pocket expenses... Read More
PlaceholderBlack horizontal barrel smoker mounted on four legs with two wheels. A smaller black barrel is attached to the left side and a chimney is located on the right side.
Char-Broil's Silver Smoker, for some strange reason painted black, is extremely popular because it is inexpensive. It is cheaply constructed and rusts easily. It leaks smoke around the chimney and doors, and rain gets in around the chimney. It has 738 square inches of cooking area, enough for about seven slabs of St. Louis cut ribs. Because it is not as tight as the more expensive... Read More
PlaceholderSmall shiny steel dome with a black knob on the top. This is a cut away view that shows the inside. There is a small pile of charcoal at the bottom and a round cooking grate right above loaded with meat and vegetables.
The Cobb Premier Portable Charcoal Grill is a unique stainless steel grill. Weighing just 8 pounds and needing only 8 charcoal briquettes to cook for about 2 hours, Cobb Premier can grill (poorly), smoke (nicely), boil (just fine), fry (no prob), or bake (yes it can), although you'll need some additional Cobb accessories to fully utilize its capabilities. The problem isa that foods are... Read More
PlaceholderTwo black bbq grills mounted side by side on a large black frame with four legs, four wheels and a lower shelf. Both lids are up.
A gas grill and charcoal grill/smoker for $400: three cookers rolled into one. Use just one side for cooking a couple steaks or both sides for parties. Although some owners gripe that cook surface on each side is smallish. The low powered gas grill has three 10,000 BTU stainless steel tube burners and a 9,300 BTU side burner flush mounted on a side shelf. The charcoal side includes an... Read More
PlaceholderTwo gray bbq grills mounted side by side on a large gray frame with four legs, four wheels and a lower shelf.
The   Smoke Hollow Charcoal/Gas Grill is one of several in this growing category of BBQ combo cookers. You get everything but the kitchen sink: Gas grill with three stainless steel burners and a sear burner on the left side shelf. Charcoal grill with an adjustable coal tray for direct heat grilling and an attached firebox for offset smoking and indirect cooking Porcelain... Read More


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