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Fuego is the brainchild of Robert Brunner, former Head of Industrial Design for Apple. Their first products were large, modular outdoor kitchens. These systems are custom made and in limited distribution. Their compact Element by Fuego Grill is gaining popularity and offerred through Amazon and some retailers, but not available at the big box stores. Element retains the design features of the large units and wraps them up into a succinct package for a wider consumer market. Various tech blogs have referred to it as "the iPhone of grills".

This small Element Portable Grill has been discontinued, but it is still available from many retailers. It is an interesting, very stylish, lightweight cooker that folds up like a briefcase for easy transport. Various tech blogs have referred Element as "the iPhone of grills".

It has a single rectangular stainless steel burner that runs off a 14.1 or 16.4 oz. propane cylinder and enamel coated cast iron grates. Locking anodized aluminum legs are released with the push of a button to fold up when not in use. A flexible red "Travel Band" stretches across the lid to hold it in place when you're on the move. At 13.5 lbs. it can easily be carried by the legs which double as handles when folded. A canvas shoulder strap is also available.

There is a small grease cup at the bottom held on by a cotter pin. Be sure to clean out the grease cup and the bottom fire box before packing up because you typically carry The Element vertically and grease will ooze out onto your clothing and car.

Primary Function: 
Propane Gas
Primary Capacity: 
159 square inches
Main Burners: 
Made in the USA: 
Review Method:

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