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You may have thought you left chemistry and physics behind in school, but everytime you set foot into the kitchen or out into the yard, you launch chemical and physical reactions. Understanding what happens when heat hits meat is what will allow you to become a better cook. If you are the type who asks "why" this section is for you.

"Every meal is a chemistry and physics experiment."

beer cooler faux cambro
For large meats that are hard to predict when they will be done, a holding box, a faux cambro, is necessary. read more
thanksgiving dinner table
So you're cooking for a crowd. How much food do you need? Here's how to plan and some rules of thumb. read more
brisket smoke ring
Smoked meats often have a pink layer directly below the surface. It is not undercooked meat. Let's see what it is. read more
spatchcocked chicken
Spatchcocking, or butterflying, poultry is a great way to make moist, browned all over birds in less time. read more
bbq sauces
Here's what you need to know about when and how to use barbecue sauce. There are tricks to know! read more
skinning ribs
Removing the paper-like membrane from the bone side of ribs prior to smoking ensures that they are as tender as possible without guests having to gnaw through the membrane's tough texture. This how-to includes a step by step procedure for trimming a slab of ribs and removing the membrane as well as photos. read more
Afterburner Rob Lusk
Here are four offbeat methods for cooking steaks that work amazingly well: The Afterburner Method where you cook on top of a charcoal chimney, the Vigneron Method where you cook with twigs, the Caveman Method whre you cook right on hot coals, and the Stripsteak Method where you sous vide in butter. read more
three filets mignon cooked differently
Fire meets water with the introduction of the sous-vide-que cooking method. By starting steak in a temperature controlled sous vide water bath, it's rendered perfectly cooked every time. Before hitting the grill, the food is shocked in an ice and water bath to stop cooking so that it can be grilled without overcooking. read more
large kitchen scale in texas barbecue
Some useful weights, measures, and equivalents that come in handy in the kitchen. Print it and tape it to your pantry door. You can type in amounts and they will be converted for you. read more
diced onions
Here are step by step photos of how to dice onions properly. read more


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