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MAK took the pellet world by storm and quickly developed a reputation as a best in class producer largely due to their sophisticated "Pellet Boss" controller. MAK makes some of our favorite pellet smokers that we've ever tested, easily winning our Platinum Medal Award. read more
LED Concepts Flexible Grill Light
The weather resistant LED Concepts' BBQ Grill Light features super bright LED lights, a 22-inch flexible gooseneck that rotates 360 degrees, a magnetic base, and a clamp for grills with non-magnetic surfaces such as stainless steel. All of that for approximately $20! The only downside? The LED bulbs aren't replaceable. read more
KOSIN LED Grilling Light Set
This pair of weather resistant LED grill lights from KOSIN feature 4-inch flexible goosenecks that allow the user to aim the light in virtually any direction. The aluminum alloy body of each light has a magnetic base so that they can be easily attached to most metal surfaces, though not with stainless steel grills. read more
recteq RT-B380 Bullseye
When the previous iteration of Bullseye rolled out, we were among the many who were disappointed. It was quickly discontinued. This new model appears to address some of our complaints. They are currently out of stock. We will order one when available and get to work as soon as it is delivered. Stay tuned. read more
SmartFire Pro BBQ Controller Review
The SmartFire Pro BBQ Controller meets or exceeds expectations for this kind of equipment. It's well-made, performs well, and meets our requirements for a Gold Medal. read more
GrillBlazer GrillGun
Lighting your smoker, grill, or fire pit has never looked so cool! It also couldn't be much simpler thanks to the GrillBlazer GrillGun propane torch. The device looks like a pistol and a flamethrower had a child, providing plenty of firepower for getting charcoal or wood going in a matter of minutes. read more
Oklahoma Joe's Judge Charcoal Grill
The Judge is an all around solid grill that is built to last with some nice features that make for an easy grilling experience. Although we love the large, rectangular cook surface which is perfect for 2-zone set-ups, Judge comes up just a briquet or two shy of winning our Gold Medal, but earns a solid Silver. read more
Green Mountain Grills Daniel Boone Prime
The Daniel Boone Prime from Green Mountain Grills might be the pellet cooker to show you the pleasures of these machines. It's their most popular model, a mid-size, mid-priced smoker with WiFi, a robust smartphone app, solid all-around performance, and more extras than most in its price range. Read our full review! read more
FireBoard Drive 2 Thermometer/Thermostatic Controller Review
FireBoard Drive 2 is an updated version of a well-received product that sets the standard for performance and functionality in the wireless food thermometer/thermostatic controller class. read more
serial griller by matt moore
A fun, beautifully photographed cross country visit with some of the top grillers in the nation including Meathead read more
steak and cake book
So you're asking yourself "how many steak recipes are there?" Well, far more than even I dreamed. In this case, about 50 steaks and 50 cakes, each paired. This is the definition of indulgent. read more
Gunter Wilhelm Premier ProCut 3.5 Inch Paring Knife
A short stiff blade with a sharp point makes the paring knife the tool of choice for fine work like slicing radishes, peeling apples, coring peppers. The Gunter Wilhelm Premier ProCut 3.5 inch inch Premier ProCut Paring Knife is a superb blade with a wicked sharp 15 degree cutting edge that is also drop dead gorgeous. read more
Cuisinart Woodcreek 4-in-1 Pellet Grill
Cuisinart has once again won us over with their bounty of useful extras that make Woodcreek an appealing package deal. The charcoal insert provides sear power, and if you haven't used a griddle outdoors, you will after trying theirs. Both items expand Woodcreek's versatility and merit our Gold Medal. read more
BBQ Guru DynaQ Thermostatic Controller Review
The BBQ Guru DynaQ is a two-channel wireless remote food thermometer and thermostatic controller that comes with a stand, and an AC adapter. It's a well-made unit with only Bluetooth connectivity, and should be fine for many backyard cooks. read more
As I explain in my article on the science and myths of marinades, they don't penetrate most foods very far. The exceptions are seafood and vegetables. This one is based on a wonderful, herby salad dressing that my wife created. read more


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