Grill-Smoker Combos Such As Kamados And Pellet Burners

The dream machine is the one that can do it all, high temperature searing and low and slow smoke roasting. The fact is that you can pretty easily adapt any grill for smoking and many smokers can grill and sear, but sadly few do both as well as the monotaskers. Both kamados and pellet burners come close, but as we explain in the articles below, we stil consider them to be primarily smokers, because they do smoking very well, but when it comes to searing the perfect steak, most are handicapped. In the past few years a few manufacturers have attempted to achieve nirvana by welding together two devices, a grill and a smoker, with mixed results.

kamado komodo grill smoker
The kamado or ceramic grill/smoker/oven is a fast growing category with more and more choices every year. With good reason. These charcoal fueled... read more
fec1000pc pellet grill and smoker
Bottom line: It's all about control. And convenience. Oh yeah, taste, too. Set it and forget it. Great flavor. No brainer. Pellet burners are a real... read more

Primo Kamado

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