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Read these truly unbiased reviews and ratings before you buy. For the best deals, pay attention to our "The AmazingRibs.com Best Value Medals", especially the Gold Medals. Medals are based on (1) features, (2) construction quality, and (3) value. Rarely will a $400 Gold Medal be in the same quality league as an $800 Gold Medal or a $1,200 Gold Medal, so it is important that you read the reviews to see what we say about the construction quality and features. Click here for more info about our medals and how we rate and review.

Gold Medal. Among the best of its type in its price category. A strong buy recommendation.
Silver Medal. A fine product among the best in its price category with only minor shortcomings. Recommended for purchase if a Gold Medal is not available.
Bronze Medal. A good product, better than average, but may be lacking compared to higher rated products. Worth considering if you cannot find or afford a Gold or Silver Medal.
Not Recommended. A product that we think is a poor choice.
Not Judged Yet. A product that may be award caliber, but we do not know enough about it yet to give it an award.


Gold Medal Gift Guide

Some of our favorite Best Value Gold Medal winners, perfect for gifts for the grillmaster or pitmaster. No ugly ties here!

Click here to see these great gift ideas

grills and smokers

Ratings & Reviews Of 500 Grills, Smokers, Pizza Ovens, Hog Roasters, And More

Max Good has the coolest job. He works full time for us kicking the tires on grills and smokers and researching user experiences with them. This makes him the world's leading authority on the subject. Our searchable database of his ratings and reviews has more than 500 cookers, many with reader comments, and many with links to suppliers. Start with our Top 10 Lists and pay attention to our Best Value Awards. We also have several in-depth articles to help you decide which type of grill or smoker is right for you and what to look for when you are shopping.

Click here to go to our ratings and reviews of grills, smokers, and more


Ratings & Reviews Of 100+ Thermometers For Food, Grills, Smokers, Ovens

This may be the single most important page on this entire website because you cannot be a good cook if you cannot control temperature. Unfortunately, with today's food supply, undercooking dinner can do more than ruin your meal, it can kill you. And overcooking can ruin pretty expensive meat. A good digital thermometer is an essential tool that every kitchen or backyard barbecue should have on hand. You will be amazed at how having good digital thermometers can improve your cooking. Dial thermometers are technology from the 1800s and they are often waaaay off. Cooking without good digital thermometers is like driving at night without headlights. Our electrical engineer has tested more than 100 with precision instruments and used them in real life situations. Don't be making excuses for overcooked expensive meat, or apologies in the hospital.

Click here to see our thermometer reviews and ratings


Best Tools, Accessories, And Gadgets

Here are the cool tools and toys that will make you a better outdoor cook. There are attachments that will turn your trusty old Weber Kettle into a serious smoker, gadgets that you can toss onto a gas grill and make it belch tasty smoke, a cutting board that collects all the juices, pork pullers, grill toppers that will keep the veggies from committing suicide and jumping into the fire, tongs for flipping fish, bright LED lights for the grill handle, a spot and grease remover that will absolutely remove sauce stains from your shirts, and much more.

Click here to check out our favorite BBQ accessories and gadgets

"We have the tools, and we have the talent."

Winston Zeddemore, Ghostbusters
Grills and smokers
As the worldwide glorification of BBQ intensifies, people around the globe want more BBQ morning, noon and night, with the ability to enjoy any... read more
PK grill
There are too many grills to count. There are small disposable units for picnics, and huge monsters that attach to your tailgate and have as many... read more
Pit Barrel Smoker
You can make damned good smoked meats on an all-purpose charcoal grill (click here for tips) or gas grill (click here for tips), but to make the most... read more
Primo Kamado
The dream machine is the one that can do it all, high temperature searing and low and slow smoke roasting. The fact is that you can pretty easily... read more
pizza party oven
Pizza is tricky. You need pretty good temperature control in order to get the top and bottom cooked at the same time. Nothing worse than the... read more
bear paws for pulling pork
Here are some cool tools and toys that will make you a better outdoor cook. There are gadgets that you can toss onto a gas grill and make it belch... read more
consumer reports on chicken safety
In early 2014 Consumer Reports tested more than 300 chicken samples from around the nation and found that 90% contained pathogenic bacteria and half... read more
outdoor kitchen
To many of us the back yard has become an important place to live, play, cook, and dine. Here are some ideas for your outdoor kitchen. read more


Gold, Silver, Bronze Medals
The AmazingRibs.com Best Value Medals are based on (1) features, (2) construction quality, and (3) value. Rarely will a $400 Gold Medal be in the... read more
gift box
If you know a griller or pitmaster, here are the tools and toys they want. All of them are award winners. Remember our reviews and ratings are... read more
electric knives we tested
Ever wonder how competition BBQ teams get such perfectly even slices of brisket? Many use electric knives. An electric knife makes quick work of... read more
Silicone glove colors
There are literally hundreds of 100% silicone heat resistant gloves available from various retailers. There are so many that we have reviewed them... read more
Charcoal Grill
The big news is that an exciting new charcoal grill from Portable Kitchen breaks into our Best Value Charcoal Grills List for 2017. We're in love... read more
top 10 smoker
Everyone loves smokey food. The smell of fire roasted meats and spirit of kinship that pervades BBQ gatherings harkens back to our ancestors. You... read more
top 10 gas grill
Gas Grills are the preferred choice for residential BBQ and have been for many years. A recent survey by The Hearth Patio and Barbecue Asssociation (... read more
top 10 portable
Tailgating and BBQ fit together hand in glove. The open air camaraderie of friends and strangers gathered together to imbibe food and drink is a joy... read more
top 10 luxury grill
We understand these picks are not for everyone. Once grill and smoker prices go past a certain level the market shrinks dramatically and continues to... read more
Gas Grills: Buying Guide, Reviews, And Ratings
Want to start a new business? I'll tell you one to avoid: Manufacturing gas grills. Man, there are a lot of choices out there. But that's good for... read more


AmazingRibs.com Best Value Medals

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