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It can occasionally be a lot cheaper to modify, patch up,or upgrade your current smoker. Here are some tools to help you. Then again, sometimes you... read more
pig smoker
If you don't like the grills in your hardware store, how about one of these? Send them to me when you see a new one to add to my rogues gallery. And... read more
Inside a pizza oven
Since taking out a second mortgage for playthings is not a great retirement strategy, the good news is that finally there are some excellent wood... read more
Before we take a look at the different grill grates and consider their pros and cons you should read my article busting the myth of grill marks and... read more
top 10 multifunction grill and smoker
While it's not unusual for backyard chefs to stretch the capabilities of their cookers to both smoke and grill, often with ingenious tactics, we used... read more
stovetop smoker
Stovetop smokers are great for people who can't cook outdoors, or who can cook outdoors but are cooking small quantities and don't want to use a... read more
Order cool, humorous gear designed by Meathead and custom printed by CafePress.com. Many items have the design printed front and back. They make... read more
For the tailgate party, balcony, beach, back country hike, cattle drive, Winnebago trip, or on your yacht, you need a portable grill. When shopping... read more
If you haven't tried it you will be surprised to learn that making pizza at home isn't all that hard, you can make them exactly as you like them, and... read more
corkscrew boy
Claire Bretecher, a profound French cartoonist, once drew this pathetic, wordless sequence: She is lying on her mattress on the floor, bawling her... read more


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