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Snake River Farms American Wagyu prime rib
The Snake River Farms boneless American Wagyu prime rib gold grade is highly marbled, with a deep rich flavor that comes from the extensive marbling. Gold grade is about 11 or 12 on the Japanese marbling scale, when USDA Prime is 4 to 5. The meat is a cross between Wagyu and Angus and is wet aged for 28 days. read more
You'll be flabbergasted as you create one perfectly smoked delicacy after another with little more effort than preparation. This AmazingRibs.com Pitmaster Award winner is $300 delivered to your door. Pop it out of the box and start SMOKIN! Pit Barrel Cooker is one of the more impressive products we've tested. read more
Black barrel smoker on my front porch
Pit Barrel Junior is a smaller version of the popular Pit Barrel Cooker charcoal smoker. Both are designed to produce a cooking environment in which one temperature fits all. This AmazingRibs.com Gold Medal Award winning smoker is one of the more impressive products we've tested. read more
BBQ Guru rib ring
Maximize the grilling space with the Rib Rings from BBQ Guru. This patent-pending design holds three racks of ribs upright in a circular pattern in the outermost ring, two racks in the middle, plus one rack or a whole chicken in the center ring. read more
Slow 'N Sear
For about $90 you can easily convert a standard Weber Kettle into a much better grill as well as a smoker capable of making restaurant quality smoked ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket, turkey, salmon, or whatever you want to smoke. read more
BBQ Dragon Fires Up The Grill
BBQ Dragon is a great product that accelerates startup of a fire with a battery operated fan. The Dragon creates a rip roaring, sear-hot coal fire in less than ten minutes. Clamp it on or bend the stainless steel goose neck into a circular base to rest on a flat surface then turn it on and let it work its magic. read more
Strube Ranch Wagyu beef
Strube Ranch in Texas has a herd of Wagyu, and the meat is shot through with thin whisps of buttery marbling. BigPoppaSmokers.com has dibs on their best ribeyes, strip loins, sirloins, and briskets. Go for the ribeye or strip loin when ordering Strube Ranch for home delivery. read more
All purpose wine glass
When it comes to selecting the right wine glasses, simple all-purposes glasses are just fine. All you truly need is an opening wide enough so your nose fits in when you sip and dishwasher safe with a stem that fits. I know the wine snobs will cringe, but I never bought into the need for a broad array of glasses. read more
Glass wine decanter
If you are a wine enthusiast then owning a well designed wine decanter is a must, but that doesn't have to mean the most expensive one. You want a wine decanter with a wide mouth, large capacity, steady base, and a good pouring lip. They can be used to aerate young wines or for pouring off sediment that forms with age. read more
Stainless steel gas grill with fancy front that looks like a race car
The American Muscle Grill is a unique, luxury gas grill that looks and cooks like a high performance hot rod. We testing this super charged beast and gave it our Gold Medal Award. Find out why tough guys like Sylvester Stallone are in hog heaven cooking on AMG! read more


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*Based on 4" raw burger with 1/2" space on all sides

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