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PlaceholderA tall, towering, black frame on a beautiful deck with a blueish green valley in the background. A man wearing a beret stands next to it.
Francis Mallmann is an acclaimed, Argentinian celebrity chef and restaurateur known for his open-fire cooking and uncommon character. Many are familiar with his popular books and appearances on the Netflix series, Chef's Table. Here is a brief Netflix trailer that offers a glimpse of Mallmann's unique personality. From isolated Patagonian islands to French Michelin three-star... Read More
PlaceholderLarge shiny steel gas grill mounted on a double door cart with shelves attached to each side.
MHP took their existing components and created a large, 36", stainless steel grill which may be installed or purchased on a cart. GJK3 has a contemporary look, but without bells and whistles like digital thermometers and hood lights. Indeed, the only electric components are the battery ignition and optional rotisserie. Gone is the heavy cast aluminum housing that defines MHP in so many... Read More
PlaceholderBlue pizza oven with arched top and large chimney mounted on four legs with a shelf on the bottom. The half moon shaped opening to the oven has orange trim. The lower shelf is loaded with fire wood. The oven is placed on a patio with a fence and mountains in the background.
Mugnaini's Medio 110 Barrel Outdoor Oven is an imported Italian Valoriani refractory oven wrapped in insulation and a stucco finish that may be colored and/or decorated. The Medio 110 Barrel is one of Mugnaini's most popular freestanding residential ovens. It rests on a thick refractory tray and painted metal stand with a wood storage shelf at the bottom. At 2800 pounds with 1520 square... Read More
PlaceholderVery large cubical shiny steel structure mounted on a black metal frame with four wheels. Two doors in the front are closed.
The Ole Hickory EL-ED/X End Loader Extra Wide model is one of their most popular commercial smokers because the 18" x 48" racks on this mid-size unit allows ribs to be loaded front to back and maximize yield. Ole Hickory offers what they consider a conservative and realistic way to estimate capacity: one square foot of cook surface for one slab of ribs or one pork butt, (recently... Read More
Otto Wilde, the German engineering group that brought us their super powered Over Fired Broiler salamander grill, is working on a new line of modular outdoor kitchen equipment centered around a premium priced, 32 inch wide, four burner, stainless steel gas grill dubbed Otto's 32. At the time of this writing, they're wrapping up a very successful Kickstarter campaign and hope to roll out... Read More
PlaceholderLarge shiny steel box on a red metal frame with wheels. A large hunk of meat on a spit is cooking on the box. A man and woman stand behind smiling. A wood wall is in the background.
The PigOut Roaster POR 48 is their smallest all in one cooker for large capacity events and handles up to a 70 pound pig or lamb. This is a really clever design. Built in Canada, this ingenious stainless steel propane fired device has a motorized rotisserie for hogs and lambs that can also be used to hold optional shelves, ferris wheel style, for cooking other foods like chicken, BBQ... Read More
PlaceholderLarge shiny steel upright cabinet on a black metal frame with four wheels. A shiny matching box with electric control panel is attached on the left side. A large oval plate at the top reads "Pro Smoker".
The 100SS Pellet Smoker is similar in design and function to some other popular BBQ pellet smokers. Joe Hanni, VP of Pro Smoker, says the 100SS was created to fill a void in their product line for food service and address a need for on-site catering. Hanni points out the large 45 x 26" base on four heavy duty casters is designed for easy transport. Temperature range is 180 to 400... Read More
PlaceholderWhite arched top pizza oven on a black metal stand on pavement in front of a warehouse. It has a tall white chimney and a pizza paddle leans against it
Renato's PR/310 Outdoor Oven is a heavy, traditional dome-shaped wood burning oven made of thick refractory material weighing a total of 1,500 pounds. PR/310 comes complete with a steel reinforced pedestal on casters and a set of tools. You get a pizza paddle, oven door, deck brush, chimney flue and cap. PR/310 is Renato's most popular freestanding residential model. It has a 14.75" x 8... Read More
PlaceholderBlack upright cabinet with four large wheels and a black box attached to the left side.
A large pellet smoker with an old fashioned Ortech style digital controller with notched cooking temperature settings. This BBQ cabinet smoker with electronics and 20 lb. pellet hopper on the side is made of 14 gauge steel and comes with four 19" x 22" shelves. Royall claims the 5000 burns 2.35 lbs. of pellets/hour, but doesn't specify at what temp. They offer custom colors and... Read More
PlaceholderShiny steel gas grill mounted on a double door cart with shelves on each side. The lid is up showing a rotisserie system inside.
A searing machine constructed from high quality 304 grade stainless steel. With two powerful ceramic Infrared burners, Solaire provides all the heat you can take. In fact it has trouble cooking at low temps which is the reason Solaire offers combos of one IR burner and one conventional burner to facilitate 2-zone cooking, or as Solaire calls it: "Infravection". 


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