Other Cool Tools (cont'd)

Multi-piece BBQ and grilling toolsets are an unnecessary investment filled with gear you may never use. We've all seen these cool looking cases filled with BBQ and grilling tools but don't let the looks fool you. You are much better saving some money and buying what you need ala carte. read more
black grill pad
This lightweight flexible fiber cement pad protects your deck from runaway coals, spills, and grease dropping from the grease pan on my grill. The Grill Pad is made of heat- and weather-resistant material, flexible and durable, and at 8 pounds it is heavy enough to stay anchored to the ground. read more
Windblocker Chafing Dish Frame
WindBlocker is a portable chafing dish frame that blocks wind while allowing some air under the food and water pans to keep the fuel lit. When used indoors, one lit Sterno is enough to keep the water pan at the desired temperature. For use outdoors in the wind, two Sterno cans will get the job done. read more
If you find yourself grilling in the dark, the best way to see what is on the cutting board, on the grill, on the smoker, and where that wing you dropped went, is to mount a really bright light l just above your eyes. The Mitaki LED Headlamp fits over your head, leaving your hands free to work with your food. read more
mak rib rack
Like the pellet smokers MAK makes, this best of class stainless steel rack for eight slabs of ribs is built to last with thick rails. The gap between the rails is a whopping 1.75 inches, wide enough for the thickest slabs and to allow adequate airflow. I left mine outdoors for months and there was no rust. read more
Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Grill Press
The pre-seasoned Lodge Cast Iron Panini Press flat weights are great for making grilled cheese sandwiches and other paninis, and even bacon. When I make sandwiches I preheat the press on high on the side burner, and then put the sandwich on the grill grates and the hot press on top so I can cook both sides at once. read more
Knob Where You Need It
You're supposed to turn off the propane tank between cooks to prevent expensive leaks and more expensive explosions. But many grills don't have easy access to the tanks, and it sure is easy to forget. Knob Where You Need It makes it easy to turn off the gas and easy to remember. read more
Tool Wizard Grill Grabber
Lift hot grates safely with this valuable tool. Use a Grill Grabber to lift your hot and dirty grill grates, even if there's the food still on them. I use mine when I need to add coals, wood, water to water pans, or to rescue food that has dropped through the grates. read more
Cuisinart Grilluminate Universal LED Grill Light
Illuminate your grill with Grilluminate. Six very bright LEDs affixed to the end of a metal tube extend downward far enough to clear the bottom of the hood and deliver more light than one might expect from a compact, battery powered device. Made of metal, not plastic, the body is weather and heat resistant. read more
Coleman Butane One-burner Stove
If your grill didn't come with a side burner, this portable Coleman butane burner (and other similar models from various manufacturers) is how to make up for the deficiency. Butane burners like this get very hot very fast, and are great for keeping sauces warm or even for frying side dishes. read more


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