Ingredients and Glossaries (cont'd)

anatomy of a jalapeno
Chile, chili, chilli, chilies, bell pepper, black pepper, paprika, aji, capsicum, chiles pasado, pimento, pimiento...what's the difference? Let's straighten this out. Read all about capsaicin, Scoville Heat Units, taming the heat, various hot sauces, hot pepper pastes and condiments, and how to make red pepper flakes. read more
sage leaf
Here is everything a cook needs to know about herbs and spices as well as a list of essential herbs and spices to buy, how to store them, substituting dried for fresh, substituting one herb or spice for another, toasting spices, blooming spices, and other preparations that get the most flavor out of them. read more
yeast sponge pizza dough
There's yeast for baking, for brewing, for making wine, and for nutrition. Read on to learn more about the type used most often in cooking: baker's yeast. Find some good tips for buying, storing and using active dry yeast, instant yeast (quick rise yeast), fresh yeast (cake yeast), and wild yeast (sourdough yeast). read more
Mushrooms unwashed, washed and soaked
It's OK to wash mushrooms. And here is everything else you need to know about various cultivated and wild mushrooms, including cremini, portobello, shiitake, chanterelle, enoki, maitake (hen of the woods), matsutake, morels, oyster mushrooms, porcini, and truffles. read more
olive orchard
Despite their bad press, oils and fats are essential to support life. Your body needs them. And it is almost impossible to cook well without them. Find out all about different vegetable oils and animal fats, how to cook with them, and how to use them healthfully. read more
Wild Rice
Read everything a good cook needs to know about buying, storing, cooking and serving white rice, brown rice, wild rice, arborio rice, risotto, converted rice, minute rice, instant rice, and enriched rice. read more
raw sprouts pose a health risk
Healthy food advocates often recommend eating fresh, raw foods, but raw food can pose a health risk. In fact, raw sprouts are the riskiest food in the world. Here's why. read more
Grated Parmesan
What's the difference between Parmigiano-Reggiano and Parmesan from a green can? Flavor! Parmigiano-Reggiano is called The King of Cheeses because it tastes amazing. Find out how it is made and aged to develop its "umami flavor," and how to buy, store, serve, and cook with it. Even what to with leftover Parmesan rinds! read more
mustard plants
Not all mustards are the same. Here's what differentiates Dijon mustard from yellow ballpark mustard from stone ground mustard from mustard seeds and dry mustard powder. Find out how they are made and how to use them in cooking. Mustard and pork go together like peanut butter and jelly! read more
Where do you draw the line between soup and sauce? Read all about the basics of and differences between soup, sauce, stock, broth, gravy, bouillon, consomme, demi-glace, nage, jus, au jus, and pan sauce and pan gravy, including a description of mirepoix, the combo of ingredients that helps to flavor stocks. read more


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