Hamburger, Sloppy Joe, Salisbury Steak Recipes (cont'd)

Grilled Reuben Burger
Corned beef is taken to new heights with this delicious recipe for the Reuben burger. Corned beef brisket is ground into burger patties before being grilled to perfection. Inspired by the classic Reuben, this patty melt style burger features tangy sauerkraut, melted Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing on rye bread. read more
salisbury steak on a plate with peas and mashed potatoes
There's a lot of bad Salisbury steak out there but this delicious recipe from Ruth Ellen Church is the real deal. In the 1880s, Dr. James Henry Salisbury created the Salisbury Steak. Within a few decades it began showing up on menus and in cookbooks and it can still be found on menus, particularly in rural areas. read more
diner cheeseburger
Create the skinny, crispy edged burgers that you love at diners with this simple recipe for the Wimpy burger. Infinitely better than any mass produced quarter pounder, these homemade diner-style burgers are small disks, 4 ounces or less, pressed flat and cooked on a griddle to maximize the flavor and crispness. read more
White Castle
You've heard of it whispered in back alleys and dark corners of bars. It works. Here's the recipe for the mythical White Castle stuffing, certain to not only be a hit with Harold and Kumar but with all of your holiday guests! And the best part? It's super simple to make with only a handful of ingredients. read more
Jalapeno Bacon Cheddar Burger
Experience a flavor explosion with this recipe for a sweet and spicy jalapeno bacon cheeseburger. A perfectly grilled burger patty is topped with sharp cheddar cheese, pickled jalapenos, crispy fried onions, thick cut bacon, and homemade balsamic ketchup. Layer it all on a pillowy pretzel bun for pure burger nirvana. read more
Bacon Jam Burger
Sweet and savory homemade bacon jam is the star of the show in this delicious burger recipe. If you’ve never had bacon jam, get ready for sweet and savory flavor bliss. This ultimate grilled bacon cheeseburger features a rich and flavorful bacon jam spiked with bourbon, a juicy reverse seared patty, and Swiss cheese. read more
mushroom and beef blended burger
Amp up the umami with this flavor packed recipe featuring a beef and mushroom blended burger. If you’re a fan of mushroom Swiss burgers then you’re going to fall in love with the rich flavor of this unique take on the classic burger. read more
Thai Pork Satay Burger Sliders with Asian Slaw and Spicy Peanut Sauce
Step up your burger game with this recipe for Thai-style pork satay sliders with Asian slaw and spicy peanut sauce. Ground pork patties are seared to perfection then topped with a flavorful Asian inspired coleslaw and served with a homemade Thai peanut sauce similar to that served with satay meat skewers. read more
double whammy umami hamburger with lettuce tomato and mayo on a brioche bun
Umami is the Japanese word for "savory" or "delicious." In addition to the familiar sweet, sour, salty, and bitter flavors, umami is the deep satisfying flavor of cured meat, mushrooms, and aged cheese. Taste it in this hamburger recipe featuring umami mayonnaise. read more
Brat burger with beer cheese sauce
When it comes to great burger recipes, this is the best of the 'wurst featuring a grilled bratwurst patty, charred peppers and onions, and a rich and creamy beer cheese sauce all served on a pretzel bun. Why decide between a bratwurst and a burger when you can have both in this mouthwatering brat burger recipe. read more


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