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Black, horizontal barrel on four legs. It is on an outdoor deck. A shiny chimney cap is on top.
SG is short for Slide and Grill. The metal heat diffuser slides away exposing foods to the direct wood pellet flame for high temp searing. After testing SG we were disappointed in the Slide and Grill Sear function, but it is otherwise a solid, well made smoker with many useful features earning our Silver Medal. read more
ThermoWorks ProNeedle Instant Read Thermometer Review
Read our complete review of the ThermoWorks ProNeedle digital instant read thermometer that performs very well, earning another Gold Medal. read more
ThermoPro TP-11 Remote Food Thermometer Review
Read the full review of the ThermoPro TP-11, a wireless remote food thermometer with good accuracy that we awarded a Bronze Medal. read more
ThermoPro TP-12 Dual Probe Remote Thermometer Review
Read our review of the ThermoPro TP-12, a dual-channel remote food/cooker thermometer with good performance at a low price, earning it a Silver Medal. read more
Blameless Cooking EasyBBQ Wireless Thermometer Review
Read our in-depth analysis of the Blameless Cooking EasyBBQ Wireless Thermometer whose performance and build quality earned it a Silver Medal. read more
Large black metak disc with the letters K U D U cut into the sides. Rods are attached to each side and a round grate and iron pan are attached to the rods.
Kudu is a fire bowl with adjustable height cook surfaces that position foods closer or further from the fire. Inspired by South African Braais, or BBQ gatherings, and similar but more expensive than a number of fire bowl cookers already on the market. We give it our Best Value Bronze Medal. read more
Small black barrel shaped object with leathery surface on an outdoor deck.
Constructed of flame resistant, silicone coated, fiberglass fabric, GoBQ rolls up and fits in a backpack or over your shoulder on a carrying strap. It's not for everyone, but if you value extreme mobility, you may be willing to work around its shortcomings. GoBQ earns our Best Value Silver Medal. read more
Tegam 931B Data Logging Thermometer Review
See our review of the Tegam 931B Data Logging Thermometer, an industrial grade tool for temperature collection data that we awarded a Gold Medal. read more


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"I'm always excited about learning new things about food."Paul Prudhomme

Here's all our new content! Fans of return again and again to bone up on key barbecue techniques or revisit recipes. There's so much stuff on the site that sometimes it's hard to see what's new here. So we made it easy. We put all the new recipes, tips, techniques, and articles here in one simple list.

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