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The Science Of Great BBQ And Grilling With Meathead: Videos And Shownotes

Here's our monthly series of barbecue and grilling videos featuring Meathead and Jenny Johnson and sponsored by Kingsford. Please note, all the products you see in these videos are products we love and none of them were charged product placement fees.

Steaks, We Use Different Methods For Thick Or Thin Steaks

It is important to understand that the thickness of foods determines the cooking method and the cooking time (not the weight). Here Meathead demonstrates how to cook a thick ribeye and a thin flank steak.

Steakhouse Steakburgers Make Hamburger Heaven

As with steaks, we cook big thick burgers differently than thin burgers. If you do it right, you can serve them pink! Here's the video of the technique and the recipe. We have a LOT on burgers on this site:

Cast Iron Seared Salmon On A Salad Cooked On The Grill

Meathead shows you a great way to get succulent salmon, crispy edges and browned on the outside, served on a cool crunchy salad, and Chef Ryan shows you how to skin a filet of salmon.

Rockin Reubens On The Grill With Home Smoked Pastrami

There is only one sandwich better than a Reuben, and that's a Reuben made with Pastrami rather than corned beef. Here we show you how to make your own Close to Katz's Pastrami and then make a grilled Reuben sandwich. OMG.

Apple Cranberry Crumble in a Dutch Oven

Yes, you can make scrumptuous sweet desserts on the grill and nothing is simpler than a fruit crisp. Here's a video of how to make an Apple Cranberry Crumble with a Dutch oven but you don't need one, you can do it with a grill.

Texas Brisket, enough for a crowd

The ultimate barbecue challenge isn't all that daunting once you understand the concepts that we lay out for you in step by step detail and in an informative video. Learn how to select the right brisket, prepare it, cook it, and slice it.

The Secrets Of Bodacious Beef Roasts

Is there anything more luxe and festive than a big juicy beef roast? The secrets to success are a whiskey dark flavorful cruts, and an interior that is edge-to-edge the same beautiful color, with no gray meat! Click the link for a detailed recipe, the video, and related articles.

It's Time For The Ultimate Turkey

Link to video on making ultimate turkey

Every year scores of readers tell us this is simply the best turkey they have ever tasted! Click below for the recipe, video, the gravy recipe, and side dishes, how to spatchcock, and winners of our annual Pretty Bird Contest.

Perfect Pulled Pork

Link to video on making perfect pulled pork

Everybody's favorite sandwich, juicy, succulent, seductivly smokey pulled pork. And it is surprisingly easy! Click the link for a detailed recipe, the video, and related articles.

A Tailgate Brat Tub With An Awesome Beer Sauce

Link to video on making beer brats with beer sauce

Take your brats for a swim in some beer and make a rich sauce with the beer and some other not so secret ingredients. Click the links for a detailed recipe, the video, and related articles.

Grilled Grilled Eggplant Parmesan With Grilled Marinara Sauce

Link to video on making eggplant parmesan

Eggplant parm does not have to be greasy and spatter up the indoor oven. If you grill the tomatoes and the ingredients for the sauce, then grill the eggplants, you will find the true flavors of this late summer delight. Click the links for a detailed recipe, the video, and related articles.

Last Meal Ribs

Everybody's favorite, the holy grail of outdoor cooking, the food that needs no forks, low and slow smoked ribs. Click the links for a detailed recipe, the video, and related articles.

About Charcoal, Wood, And The 2-Zone Setup

Link to video on charcoal and the two-zone setup

Here's a look at the different types of charcoal, their pros and cons, and why we recommend briquets. And just in case you are wondering, it was because we have been recommending briquets that Kingsford sponsored these videos, not the other way around. Watch the video to see why. Also there's a discussion of wood types, and how to set up a grill in the essential 2-zone system.

Two Methods For Steak

Link to video on two-methods for making steak

Watch Meathead on WGN-TV in Chicago cooking a skinny steak using the afterburner method and thick steaks with reverse sear. And they were perfect! Whew!

Reverse Sear vs. Sear & Slide

Link to video on the reverse sear technique

Here's a deep dive into reverse searing. We've learned a few things since we shot this. First of all, the salt should go down before the oil so it lands on wet meat so it can dissolve. It won't dissolve and penetrate as well if the oil goes on first. And second, if I had moved mine over to the hot side at about 115°F instead of 120°F, the crust would have been darker.

Time Lapse Of Salt Moving Into Meat

Link to video on how salt interacts with meat

And as long as we're talking about salting steak, here's a very short time lapse of how the salt dissolves and moves into the meat when you dry brine it.

Cooking Flank Steak Over Grapevines

And here's how I cooked a flank steak over grapevines for Bloomberg Business. To read the excellent article they did about us, click here.

Some of Meathead's Favorite Tools

Meathead and Ali Rosen of Potluck Video visit a kitchen store in NYC and talk about some of his favorite tools and toys.

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