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Since we were founded in 2005, has gone from my hobby to the largest and most popular outdoor cooking website in the world with thousands of pages, six full-time employees, and many part timers. Thank you! In 2014 we we wanted to have a real community that could take readers to the next level. And we were having problems making the ends meet because we are a small independent company without a large corporate parent. The Pitmaster Club was the solution to both problems. The Pitmaster Club is for all cooks, newbies, weekenders, competitors, even pros. In addition to being the most important revenue source that keeps an independent website alive, we return great value. Scroll down for a summary of the benefits of membership.

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No more ads! That means a faster site!

When members are logged in they don't see paid ads from third parties on any part of the website. Third party ads come from remote servers and they slow the page load times. Without them the site runs faster! So no more bogus diet ads and no more mortgage come-ons! And members don't see ads for the Pitmaster Club either.

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The Pitmaster Club forum is a real barbecue community, a place to make friends, learn, and have fun!

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Pitmaster Club members have a private message board forum to hang out in, with scores more recipes, where they can get tough questions answered, share tips and techniques, show pictures, buy, sell, trade, rave about their favorite BBQ joints, talk about smokers and grills, share competition tips, talk about their favorite drinks, and whatever else is on their minds.

This is a very special community with none of the flame wars common on other public message boards. Here's an example from a member whose name I can't reveal "My family and I have lost our home and vehicles, but not each other in the floods in Baton Rouge. Several members have reached out to me. The fact that people have been so thoughtful is very emotional for me. Thanks for everything you do and for helping me learn to be a better cook. This club is something special, and I honestly don't even know how to thank everyone."

To stay on top of things, just click the tab that says "Today's Posts". And if you ask a question you can get an email when there is a response. This is a way to really be a part of This is your place to connect with us and fellow Pitmaster Club members, and your 24 hour hotline to expertise.

Free sneak preview of Meathead's new book

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Members get exclusive excerpts and recipes from Meathead's forthcoming book, "The Meathead Method, Barbecue Science Meets Art".

Recipes, recipes, recipes!

Israeli Couscous Salad recipe

Members post their favorite recipes in "The Pit" and there are some pretty creative, tasty recipes. We select some of the best and publish them on the main website, the free part of the site, so their friends and family and co-workers can see that they are now famous published recipe writers! If you dream of being a food writer, here's how to get started!

Comprehensive Giant Food Temperature Magnet

For a limited time, we are sending new paid Pitmaster Club members our new 8.5" x 11" Comprehensive Food Temperature Guide Magnet with more than 50 temperature benchmarks for meats, sugar, oil, and more. It sells for $9.95 on That's 42% of the price of a membership as soon as you join! barbecue magnet

Gold Medal Giveaways

Pitmaster Club members in the US will be entered into all 12 monthly drawings/year for valuable prizes, all of them Gold Medal winners, including free smokers, grills, and more, average value of more than $1,000! Your odds of winning over the course of a year are only about 1 in 1,500! Click here for the complete list of prizes and click here to see previous winners.

mak smoker

Interviews with top pitmasters

Pitmaster Club members get exclusive interviews with famous pitmasters like Tuffy Stone, Rick Browne, Chris Lilly, Harry Soo, Prof. Greg Blonder, Aaron Franklin, Myron Mixon, Candy Sue Weaver, and more. Check the seven minute excerpt from his discussion with Dr. Blonder on salt.

Greg Rempe's Weekly PitCast

The PitCast is a weekly podcast by Greg Rempe of the BBQ Central Show exclusively for members. It gives us Wagyu quality conversation featuring news and interviews from the BBQ and grilling world including competition results from across the various sanctioning bodies, a look to the week ahead with upcoming events, cooking classes, judging classes and other items of interest.

Rempe Pitcast


Enjoy the humor of cartoonist Jerry King weekly as he pokes fun at our wacky lifestyle.

King Cartoons


Two monthly newsletters: "Smoke Signals" and "Hot From The Pit"

Every month we send members an exclusive email newsletter, "Hot From The Pit", with recipes from members and highlights of discussions from The Pitmaster Club. Members also get "Smoke Signals", our monthly email newsletter with news of new articles and recipes on the free portion of the website.

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In February 2017, we held our First International Meat-Up in the Bahamas with more than 50 members of the Pitmaster Club. Check out the video:

We are already hard at work planning our second International Meat-Up. In addition, several of our members organize local Meat-Ups in BBQ joints and their own backyards around the world all year long.

Discounts on products we love

Manufacturers recognize our members as important opinion leaders in the barbecue and grilling world and often make products available to them at special prices.

Thermoworks thermometer

Members can buy this cool Embroidered Pitmaster Club shirt

This beautifully embroidered shirt is the same one I wear in public and on TV. It's wash and wear and doesn't need ironing, but it is a soft cottonlike feel. Choice of four colors and both men's and women's. shirt

Members can also order men's and women's T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Aprons, Mugs, Caps, Tote Bags, Flasks, and more, all imprinted with the Pitmaster Club logo, in a variety of colors. Prices are very reasonable. There's even a spiral bound journal where you can make notes on your cooks.

Pitmaster Club T-Shirt

Support for Operation BBQ Relief

We donate 5% all membership fees to Operation Barbecue Relief, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit disaster relief program that sends pitmasters into US disaster areas to feed the first responders and homeless. If there is a tornado or flood, they are there within hours. By joining you help support this amazing service. Click here to learn more about the remarkable work OBR does.

Operation BBQ relief

Support for Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves

We also donate to the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. This remarkable a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization develops and distributes high efficiency cookstoves to the needy around the world. Many are wood burning but they require much less wood than the old fashioned stoves that also filled their huts and eyes and lungs with soot. These new designs are practically smokeless. Some burn biomass such as rice husks or even dried dung and some use solar energy. Some are even manufactured locally. Some of these clever designs have come from the recreational camping world, and many have migrated the other way, into the camping world. Below is a well insulated high efficiency unit that can burn wood, biomass such as crop byproducts like corncobs, it can run on solar, and can even store enough energy to power a light or charge a cell phone. Reducing the amount of wood means less deforestation in dry areas and women spend less time collecting wood and are at less risk. Click here to read more about this remarkable organization.

Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves


Secure transaction

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When you pay, your payment is secure. We never see or store credit card info. The subscription page is a portal directly to, a huge respected card processor that is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification available. It is also GeoTrust Secured. They have never been hacked. They are far more secure than handing your credit card to a stranger in a restaurant, gas station, or a grocery store. And our privacy and security promise is as good as it gets.

Easy autorenewal

Easy renewal

For your convenience, when the year is up, you don't have to do a thing to renew. Three weeks before your membership expires we'll send you an email asking if you want to renew. If you do, don't do a thing, you will be renewed automatically. No renewal notices and no telemarketing calls. We do the work for you by automatically adding a year to your membership. If you don't want to renew, just click a link in the email or on any page of The Pitmaster Club. But our money back guarantee extends to renewals too: If you renew and change your mind within 30 days, we will refund your money promptly, no questions asked. And remember, we never see or store credit card info! We think this is a lot better than bombarding members with emails and snailmails begging them to renew.

Click Here To Join Us Risk Free: Three Options

(1) Free 30 day trial membership

(2) Pay $23.95/year - 30 day moneyback guarantee

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"I am loving the Pitmaster Club. The Doc Blonder videos rock! Collecting superb recipes. I belong to two other private clubs, but The Pitmaster Club brings me the most fun of all!"

John Markus, Producer, BBQ Pitmasters TV Show

hog island in the bahamas

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