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In the past, all the articles, recipes, tips and technique on were written exclusively by Meathead. That’s no longer the case. In 2017, we added some knowledgable writers and editors to provide new recipes and reviews.While most of the content is still my own, I stand on the shoulders of some very helpful people, listed below.

Meathead the Book

Meet Meathead, The BBQ Whisperer, Mythbuster, And Hall Of Famer



Meathead is the founder and publisher of, and is also known as the site's Hedonism Evangelist and BBQ Whisperer. He is also the author of "Meathead, The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling", a New York Times Best Seller and named one of the "100 Best Cookbooks of All Time" by Southern Living.
brigit binns

Brigit Binns, Culinary Consultant, Confidant, Co-Author Of Our Next Book



Brigit Binns is Meathead's culinary consultant, collaborating with him on his next book "The Meathead Method, Barbecue And Grilling As An Art" for publication in spring 2020. She is is the author of more than two dozen cookbooks and runs a B&B and cooking school in the wine country of Paso Robles called Refugio.
prof greg blonder

Prof. Greg Blonder, Science Advisor, Mythbuster, Co-Author Of Our First Book



Professor Greg Blonder is's resident science advisor, myth buster, co-author of the site's first book, "Meathead, The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling". A Professor of Product Design and Engineering at Boston University, he has a physics BS from MIT and a physics PhD from Harvard.
John "Spinaker" Bowlsby

John “Spinaker” Bowlsby, Moderator, Cast Iron Expert



John "Spinaker" Bowlsby serves as's Comments Moderator. Spinaker grew up in the BBQ starved state of Minnesota where people are more likely to be eating lutefisk than brisket and ribs. I addition to his love of outdoor cooking, Spinaker is also an expert on cast iron cookware and how to restore it.
jerod broussard

Jerod Broussard, Moderator, Poultry Expert



Jerod Broussard serves as a Comments Moderator for He is a maestro of the drum smoker and Texas barbecue in genera who has been a food inspector in Texas since 2002. Don't be shy with your questions regarding chicken, Jerod inspects about 15,000 a day prior to them being chilled and processed.
Rick Browne

Rick Browne, Ph.B.



Rick Browne oversaw product testing, reviews, and ratings for A renowned TV cooking show host, photojournalist, and author of 16 barbecue books, he was the creator, host, and executive producer of public television's popular "Barbecue America" TV series that aired on more than 230 stations.
clint cantwell

Clint Cantwell, Senior Vice President Of Whatever



Clint Cantwell is's Senior Vice President, charged with creating recipes, writing articles, shooting photos, and a little bit of everything else. Cantwell was was named one of the "10 Faces of Memphis Barbecue" by Memphis Magazine and was the winner of Travel Channel's "American Grilled: Memphis".
Kris Coppieters

Kris Coppieters, Lead Developer



Kris Coppieters is's Lead Developer, managing the site's servers, all coding, and all technical troubleshooting on the free portion of this completely custom-built site. Coppieters specializes in helping companies kick-start their automation projects and software-developer team-building.
norma goldwyn

Norma Goldwyn, Copy Editor



Norma Goldwyn is an's copy editor and is Meathead's mom. One of the fringe benefits of having a retired school teacher for a Mom is she will gladly underline all my spelling and grammar errors in bright red ink. She stays active editing, going to the theatre, and guides art museum tours as a volunteer.
max good

Max Good, Vice President of Product Reviews & Keeper of the Flame



As's Vice President of Product Reviews & Keeper of the Flame, Max Good is the man in charge of finding the best products for the Equipment Reviews section. Max loves barbecue so much that he took his barbecue sauce recipes, had them bottled, and now sells them around the country.
david joachim

David Joachim



Editor of, David Joachim has authored, edited, or collaborated on more than 45 cookbooks, four of them on barbecue and grilling, and his Food Science column has appeared in "Fine Cooking" magazine since 2011. He’s a perfect match for a website dedicated to the “Science of Barbecue and Grilling.”
ray johnson

Ray W. Johnson, Senior vBulletin (Pitmaster Club) Developer



Ray Johnson is's lead vBulletin programmer, having heavily customized the software that runs the site's Pitmaster Club. Nicknamed "RayJ", Johnson has 35 years of comprehensive computer knowledge, with extensive experience in hardware, software, networking, programming, and operating systems.
jason king

Jason King, Videos



In addition to serving as a video content creator for, Jason King loves to cook and shoot videos. His role with the site began when he began filming videos of recipes. Today several of them appear alongside the recipes on as well as the BBQFOOD4U page on Youtube.
jerry king

Jerry King, Pitmaster Club Cartoonist



Acclaimed cartoonist Jerry King creates original barbecue and grilling cartoons exclusively for's Pitmaster Club. His client list also includes Disney, American Greetings, and many other companies around the globe. After serving in the Army, King went on to graduate from The Ohio State University.
lisa lynott

Lisa Lynott, Artist & Illustrator



An artist and illustrator for, Lisa Kolek studied illustration and graphic design at the American Academy of Art, Chicago, and scientific and botanical illustration at the Morton Arboretum. A senior designer at the Brookfield Zoo, Lisa's animal and plant illustrations have appeared in zoo exhibits.
aaron huskee lyons

Aaron “Huskee” Lyons, Manager of The Pitmaster Club, Moderator



Huskee is the manager of our Pitmaster Club and Comments Moderator on our public site. A KCBS Certified Barbeque Judge (CBJ), he experimented for a few years with a cheap Brinkmann cabinet charcoal smoker before graduating to a Yoder Wichita offset smoker. His arsenal has since expanded to nine cookers.
Nate Maliwacki

Nate Maliwacki, Video Recipes



Nate Maliwacki serves as a content creator for, filming, editing, and producing instructional recipe videos for the site and for his own YouTube channel, White Thunder BBQ. His goal is to teach and inspire viewers to cook with live fire and to have fun while doing so.
dr tony mata

Dr. Antonio “The Meat Geek” Mata, Meat Scientist



A meat scientist known as "The Meat Geek", Dr. Antonio Mata, PhD is a contributor to and has been a Consulting Technical Coordinator to the National Cattlemen's Beef Association. Mata discovered the Petite Tender and Las Vegas Strip Steak as well as being involved in the discovery of the flatiron steak.
bill mcgrath

Bill McGrath, Thermometer Tester



Bill McGrath is's Thermometer Maven. He has sophisticated equipment, an electrical engineering degree from Cornell University, and an MBA (almost) from UC Berkeley. Despite being mostly retired, he is still responsible for developing and updating all of ExxonMobil's electricians' training modules.
Malcom Reed

Malcom Reed, Pitmaster Supreme



Malcom Reed is one of the most respected men in barbecue and his many videos make him a genuine YouTube Star. His love for BBQ inspired him to build his website, his YouTube channel, and a podcast. We don’t know how, but he still finds time to compete on the BBQ circuit with his team, Killer Hogs.
Henrik Oscarsson

Henrik Oscarsson, Moderator



Henrik Oscarsson is an Pitmaster Club moderator. He was born in the southern part of Sweden and he lives in Stockholm, the capital. He has a house in the country side where the smoker resides, so he's there almost every weekend. He spent his senior year in high school as an exchange student in the US.
greg rempe

Greg Rempe, Pitcaster



Known around the world for his two hour broadcast, the BBQ Central Show, Greg Rempe also produces a 30 minute weekly podcast for Pitmaster Club members called The Pitcast. Each week he offers the latest news from the food and barbecue world. He also does occasional product reviews for
Paul Sidoriak

Paul Sidoriak, Griddling Expert



Paul Sidoriak's official title with is Fire Starter because he makes things happen in his role as Director of Relationships. Sidoriak is also the author of Exclusively Kamado and The Flippin’ Awesome Backyard Griddle Cookbook and has previously served as a BBQ consultant to several major brands.
Jeff Tracy, cowboy cook

JT (Jeff Tracy), The Cowboy Cook, Interviewer Extraordinaire For The Pitmster Club



Known as “The Cowboy Cook” and a capable griller in his own right, JT (Jeff Tracy) loves to interview great cooks like Aaron Franklin, Steven Raichlen, Tuffy Stone, Wayne Mueller, Amy Mills, Meathead, and other notables from the BBQ world. These interviews can now also be found in's Pitmaster Club.
chef ryan udvett

Chef Ryan Udvett, Recipe Tester



Chef Ryan Udvett is a classically trained chef from Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago and serves as an official recipe tester for Chef Udvett has managed several restaurant kitchens and is currently the Product Development (R&D) Manager at CBQ, LLC a subsidiary of Carl Buddig and Company.
charlotte wager

Charlotte Wager, Marketing Consultant



As's Marketing Director, Charlotte Wagner is the guardian of the site's overall brand. After working in motorcycles, fine art film, beauty, and financial services, she's thrilled to marry her love for food, drink, and all things marketing to help broaden the reach of the message.
candy sue weaver

Candy Sue Weaver, Moderator



One of the best known and most respected people in the world of barbecue, Candy Sue Weaver is an moderator. In addition she is President Emeritus of the Kansas City Barbeque Society, the largest barbecue association, and VP of Sales and Marketing for BBQr's Delight, a maker of food grade wood pellets.
Jeff McNear

Jeff McNear, Senior WordPress Developer

Jeff McNear is our lead WordPress guy

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Meatup in Memphis

Meatup in Memphis

Some very important people I need to thank

I owe a lot of thanks to a lot of nice folks who have taught me and helped me on this trial by fire, especially all you readers who have questioned, commented, spell-checked, and criticized.

My wife, the saucy Lou, Ph.D., a microbiologist and food safety expert who hates it when I use her kitchen, forcing me outdoors, and now fearlessly eats my cooking (well, most of it), offers honest feedback on my recipes (brutally honest), and has patience with me (most of the time).

My Mom and Dad, Norma and Jerry Goldwyn, my sister Ann and her husband Peter. Some of my first food memories are meals at Mom & Dad’s short-lived restaurant in Sarasota, Florida. When they bought the place, it had the romantic name of a local flowering bush, the Oleander. When they found out Oleanders are poisonous, it became Jerry’s restaurant. The food was good, especially the ice cream sundaes, and the paintings from the local artists that they hung were inspirational. They let me be a jerk when I was 13. A soda jerk that is. What a great start to a career in food, drink, and art. Peter cooks the absolutely best swordfish steaks on the planet. Click here to read my Dad’s WWII Memoir.

My amazing agent and stern taskmistress, Sally Ekus of the Lisa Ekus Group, her Mom, Lisa, who invited me to join her family of distinguished authors, and their staff who are effective and efficient.

My editor at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Rux Martin, who has welcomed me to her small but prestigious stable of cookbook authors including such luminaries as Jacques Pepin, Dorie Greenspan, Jack Bishop, and Karen Tack.

The scientists who have read my work and helped me fix it, among them Dr. Benjamin Chapman of North Carolina State University, Dr. John Marcy of the University of Arkansas, the prefers to remain anonymous researcher at the big poultry company, and others who patiently answer my questions about hamburger boogers and more.

Stephen Gerike of the Pork Checkoff trade association is a chef, butcher, and their liason to the foodservice industry. He more about pork than anybody I’ve met and often he lets some of his expertise rub off on me.

Marietta Sims. Marietta was my Sous Chef and Assistant in 2012. She has retired and moved to South Carolina where they make great barbecue. Perhaps mine wasn’t good enough?

Jaden Hair of a talented food blogger who has introduced me to many cool people and ideas.

The three Sterling fellows in my life: Sterling Ball of who turned me on to many good cooking tools and methods, Colin Sterling, my former editor at Huffington Post for giving me prime real estate and freedom to write what I want in his august food section, and Sterling Pratt, formerly of Schaefer’s Wines & Spirits in Skokie, IL, my favorite wine, beer, and cheese store.

Allen Kelson, an occasional editor of these pages, now mostly retired, was publisher, editor-in-chief, and head food critic at Chicago Magazine for many years. When he edits me he makes me sound like a better writer than I am.

Garry Howard, who runs the Smokering List, a free email mailing list about barbecue and cooking to which I subscribe. The talented cooks who hang out with there offer merciless feedback and are an amazing fount of information. Many have tested my recipes and corrected them, and more than a few have dug up typos and other errors. Among them, in alphabetic order: Sandra Aylor, Lucy Baker, Kevin Cleek, Bruce Cook, Erv Crain, John R. Crowley, Gerry Curry, Buzz Dean, John Douglas, Dave Frary, Dan Gill, Ed Hood, Greg Hunter & Nancee Gell, Rodney Leist, Stan Marks, Bill Martin, Scot Murphy, Merrill Powers, Mark Stevens, Jack Waiboer, Candy Weaver, Joe Wells, “Big Jim” Whitten, and Jack Wimberly. I am sure I have missed several for which I am very sorry.

Carolyn Wells at the Kansas City Barbeque Society, my personal goddess.

Ardie Davis, a.k.a. Remus Powers, Master of Barbecue, who has been generous with his time and advice.

Paul Kirk, Kansas City’s Baron of BBQ, who somehow found time to comment on several of my articles, and always improved them.

Linda Tillotson, who is a garage sale ninja, for finding me some great plate, placemats, and other props.

Frank Boyer, cook and photographer, for taking the picture that is now my official portrait.

Greg Rempe of The BBQ Central Radio Show for our stimulating monthly interviews on his podcast.

Gail Bellamy, my former editor, advisor, and confidant at Restaurant Hospitality Magazine. A fine poet, too.

Phyllis Richman, my former editor at the Washington Post.

Marlene Atkins, formerly of the Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago. She hired me to teach there and mentored me. That’s where I met Chefs Tim Bucci, Mark Stanley, Tom Beckman, and so many others who answered my stupid questions as I started this project.

Keith and Renee Miller, my friends, neighbors, dogsitters, and candid critics. I can always count on Keith for an honest opinion and, as a captain in the Pleasantview Fire Department, he brought me feedback from the firemen who survived my experiments. Also, thanks to their son Keith Miller III, a.k.a. “Lieutenant Lawnboy” who cut my lawn for many years, helped me move things and pitched in on household projects. He is now a cadet at West Point. You go guy.

Lake High of the South Carolina Barbeque Association who made me feel important and taught me more than I bargained for every time I asked him a question.

Bronson “Bronnie” Smith, also of the South Carolina Barbeque Association, my guide to the joints of South Carolina. He matched me bite for bite all week long. He also took me to Jackie Hite’s Bar-B-Que. And now I can die.

Natalie Longo, my wife’s niece and talented songbird, whose warbling you can hear on my theme song “You Can’t Hurry Ribs“.

Patrick Carlson of, designer of the cartoon likeness of Meathead.

Tana Shupe of the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue who invited me to the best durn barbecue cookoff ever.

Amy Mills Tunicliffe, author of “Peace, Love, & Barbecue: Recipes, Secrets, Tall Tales, and Outright Lies from the Legends of Barbecuebarbecue” and her dad, Mike “The Legend” Mills of the 17th Street Bar & Grill in Murphysboro, IL, who give feedback freely.

Barry Sorkin of Smoque BBQ in Chicago, the best pitstop for miles around, for sharing insights, tips, lunches, and road trips with me.

Hermann Zanoni, now deceased, and my butcher of many years in Broadview, IL. He taught me a lot about meat, and made sure I got the freshest, meatiest ribs with which to practice.

Dennis Morini, formerly my butcher at the now shuttered Morini’s Meat Market in LaGrange Park, IL, and reluctant hand model.

Tom Marszelewski, my former neighbor, whose trash talkin’ and challenge to a cookoff in 2003 got my competitive juices flowing, and started me researching ribs. This site is all his fault.

Nancie McDermott, whose articles in the Chicago Tribune during Black History Month 2006 opened a path of research.

Myron Mixon, Chris Lilly, and the many other patient barbecue chefs I’ve met and quizzed at their restaurants and competitions across the nation.

Lynn and Tom Kimble of Leader Dogs for the Blind. They have been instrumental in helping us with our other great love, training dogs. Sport, Wags, Layla, Jazz, and Sunshine are now dragging blind people around, and they added so much to our lives when they lived with us.

Peter Parts, and industrialist and philanthropist, and amazing leader, who got me involved with Camp Good Days, an incredible summer camp for kids with cancer.

Jerry N. Uelsmann and John Paul Caponigro, my muses and guides to the world of art and creativity, and Kevin O’Connor who taught me the basics of food photography.

Julia Child, who, through the TV screen, told me in the ’60s that I could cook. I remember watching her in black and white when I was in college and trying her recipes on my roommates. I was honored to be a guest in her house for a dinner in 1995, and she was everything you think and more. In her last television interview, with Sarah Moulton on the Food Network, in the summer of 2004, she said “I think food is important and if you don’t know how to cook, it’s tragic.” Amen.

Etienne Merle, proprietor and chef of the late lamented L’Auberge du Cochon Rouge, a magnificent French restaurant in Ithaca, NY, who allowed me apprentice in his kitchen for a while, until he decided it was time to kill me. With good reason. I learned soooo much in such a short time. I have never met a more talented chef.

The helpful librarians I have met, especially Barbara Cline and Elizabeth Hansen at the LBJ Library and Museum in Austin; Flo Turcotte, Mil Willis, Richard Phillips, James Cusick, and Paul Losch at the University of Florida Library (Go Gators!); Charlotte Priddle of the Fales Library & Special Collections at NYU; the librarians at the New York Public Library; Harold Washington Library in Chicago; the University of Tennessee in Knoxville; the Library of Congress in DC; the University of South Carolina’s Caroliniana Collection in Columbia; the Florida State Library in Tallahassee; University of Memphis; and John Struble of the George Eastman House in Rochester, NY. If there is a more helpful, friendly profession, I’d like to hear about it.

Steve Jobs and Alton Brown who have been role models.

And the gods of grape, grain, and fire who have looked over me so far.


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Fireboard: The Ultimate Top Of The Line BBQ Thermometer

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