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Try Our Bottled Rubs And Sauce If You Love Our Recipes (And We Know You Do)

Meatheads rubs and sauce

“They’re like magic, they really make a difference. Absolutely fantastic. You’re taking it to another level! And I love that there are no carbs or calories in the Poultry and Red Meat seasonings. And I tell ya I absolutely love the sauce. You can put it in potatoes and meatloaf, and your Sloppy Joe recipe with this is absolutely amazing.”

Chef Jasper Mirabile Jr. of Jasper’s Ristorante in Kansas City on “Live! From Jasper’s Kitchen” KCMO Radio

About our rubs and sauce

Many meals ago, in 2005, my neighbor challenged me to a rib cookoff. I won, got a swelled head, and built a website to share my “secrets.” Now, according to Forbes, Meathead’s is “By far the leading resource for BBQ and grilling information” and I am in the Barbecue Hall of Fame.

Since I founded the site in 2005 I have shared more than a dozen rub and sauce recipes for free. All of them have won big bucks in competitions and been used in restaurants. Finally, after 16 years, we listened to your requests and created bottled rubs and a sauce.

Why there is salt in our rubs?

When you make rubs at home we recommend you add salt first them the herbs and spices because salt penetrates deep and the other stuff remains on the surface. So thick cuts need more salt. We put salt in these bottled rubs because all commercial rubs have salt and consumers expect it. You can still use these as a dry brine, just sprinkle the rub on well in advance to give the salt time to penetrate. For very thick cuts of meat, we recommend adding a bit more salt. Salt appears first in the ingredients list because law says the order is by weight, not volume, and salt is a heavy rock.

Sprinkle on one tablespoon per pound of meat two hours or more before cooking if you can. Called “dry brining,” the salt gets wet, ionizes, becomes a brine, and slowly penetrates deep, enhancing flavor and juiciness while building a nice crusty “bark” on the surface. Sprinkle some on at the table too!

Are they hot? No! You can always add hot pepper flakes or Chipotle powder (my fave) in advance or at the table. But we left them mild so you can serve them to kids and Aunt Matilda.

Attention resellers

If you are a reseller you can order in case lots at wholesale direct from Old World Spices, the manufacturer. Contact us here and we will hook you up and when you have them in stock we will add you to this list of other places that sell our rubs and sauces.

Meathead’s Amazing Smoked Pork Seasoning & Dry Brine

meatheads amazing pork rub label

Designed for pork, this stuff also works great on chicken, turkey, veal, grilled salmon and smoked salmon, French fries, wings, and especially sweet potato fries. In competition they use it on chicken too! Sprinkle it on jalapeno poppers, hard boiled eggs, even popcorn, and rim your Bloody Mary glasses with it. Mix it with cream cheese to make a super Boursin-like cheese spread or sour cream to make a dip. I love to fill celery stalks with cream cheese and sprinkle it on top. Smoked seasonings give indoor cooked foods an outdoor flavor. Wait til you smell it! The smoke takes it to the next level. About the size of a beer can a bottle holds 10.8 ounces or rub. That’s enough for about 16 large slabs of ribs, generously applied.

INGREDIENTS: Sea salt, sugar, brown sugar, dehydrated garlic and onion, spices, mustard seed, smoked paprika, yeast extract, natural smoke flavor, and extractives of paprika (color). Gluten Free. Non GMO. Kosher Pareve. Made in USA.

Here’s a great video by our friend Jabin Postal doing ribs with our Smoked Pork Seasoning & Dry Brine with our KC BBQ Sauce on the Slow ‘N Sear Travel Kettle.

Meathead’s Amazing Smoked Red Meat Seasoning & Dry Brine

meatheads amazing red meat rub label

“I had the red meat rub tonight on a ribeye and a filet. An amazing steak rub! Absolutely delicious. All sorts of flavors! Like nothing else I have tasted in the beef category.”

Jeff Belmonti,

All my life I have been a vocal advocate of salt and pepper only on steaks. But this rub has turned me around. The aroma is awesome, especially when cooking, and it really puts beef into orbit! The smoked ingredients really give indoor cooked foods an outdoor flavor. And it laughs at high heat.

It is perfect for steaks, brisket, beef roasts, beef ribs, burgers, lamb, venison, duck, and goose. I have even sprinked it on a cooked steak at table and it is wonderful. Mix with cream cheese to make a super Boursin-like cheese spread or sour cream to make a dip. It is not too spicy for kids, but if you want it hot, add pepper flakes or smoky chipotle. About the size of a beer can and a bottle holds 9.7 ounces of rub, enough for about 50 ribeyes.

INGREDIENTS: Hickory smoked sea salt, spices including black pepper, dehydrated garlic and onion, ancho chili pepper, brown sugar, smoked paprika, natural smoke flavor, coffee, thyme, and chipotle chili pepper. Free. MSG Free. Non GMO. Kosher Pareve. Made in USA.

Watch our friend Jabin Postal cook two perfect ribeyes with this rub and the reverse sear/cold grate method on a Slow N Sear. Perfection!

Here’s our friend Rus Jones making Moink Balls with this Smoked Red Meat Seasoning and our KC BBQ Sauce. Droool worthy!

Meathead’s Amazing Tuscan Herb Poultry Seasoning & Dry Brine

meatheads amazing poultry rub label

“As a Pitmaster and Chef, I cook and test rubs a lot and this is absolutely my new favorite and “Go To” seasoning for chicken, turkey, and even pork. Perfect combination of herbs and spices that takes my meat to a new level of deliciousness. A powerhouse!”

Lee Ann Whippen, Champion Pitmaster and Restaurant Chef

Based on my Simon & Garfunkel Rub, this rub recipe has parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme and other goodies, all singing in harmony. Use this in competition and you’ll come in last because the standard rub they use is much more like my Pork Rub. Serve it to your family and they will bow and scrape. I much prefer the clean savory flavor of herbs on my chicken and turkey like they serve it in Tuscany and France, and I think you will too.

Sprinkle one teaspoon per pound of meat two hours or more before cooking on the grill or smoker. Go a bit lighter if cooked indoors. Designed for chicken and turkey, it works great on pork, veal, seafood, potatoes, risotto, most veggies, and yes, sprinkle some in chicken soup! I especially like it on hardboiled eggs, egg salad, and potato salad. Put it in melted butter and paint it on corn while it is grilling. Don’t cover it with sauce! Let is shine on its own! Mix with cream cheese to make a super Boursin-like cheese spread or sour cream to make a dip. It is not too spicy for kids, but if you want it hot, add pepper flakes or smoky chipotle. About the size of a beer can and a holds 10.3 ounces of rub, enough for about 50 pounds of meat or more than 16 chickens.

INGREDIENTS: Sea salt, spices including black pepper, dehydrated garlic, brown sugar, sugar, thyme, yeast extract, rosemary, molasses powder, sage, white pepper, and citric acid. Gluten Free. Kosher Pareve. Made in USA.

Here’s a great video by our friend Jabin Postal doing a turkey with our Tuscan Herb Poultry Seasoning and Dry Brine on the new Slow ‘N Sear Kettle.

Meathead’s Amazing “Good Enough To Drink” KC BBQ Sauce

meatheads amazing KC BBQ sauce label

This Kansas City style sauce has a secret natural flavor. See if you can guess it! Use it on pork, poultry, meatballs, taters, and as a great glaze for meatloaf. Mix it in my Burger Glop, in my Bourbon Baked Beans, and Sloppy Joes. A squeeze in Ranch dressing will amp up your salads. It’s mild enough for kids, or add a splash of your favorite hot sauce for a kick.

SIZE: Net weight 20 ounces. How much sauce will you need? Show restraint! Let the meat and smoke flavor come through. One coat is usually enough. Two max. Here’s a rule of thumb: A slab of baby back ribs will need about 6 ounces so a bottle will coat 3 slabs.

Here’s a great video by our friend Jabin Postal doing ribs with our Smoked Pork Seasoning & Dry Brine with our KC BBQ Sauce on the Slow ‘N Sear Travel Kettle. Look at them shine!


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At the moment we have six ebook cookbooks on Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Google Play Books, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Kobo. They are really focused and detailed and they cost $3.99 each (everyone tells us we should charge more). When you order one of our rubs, just use your smartphone and point the camera at the QR code on the label and we’ll email you the book of your choice, free!

Here are some recipes to try with these rubs and sauces

If you purchase our bottled rubs, keep in mind that they have salt in them. When using the bottled rubs with our recipes, you do not need to add the salt that is called for in the recipe.

Pork Rub

Red Meat Rub

Poultry Rub

Some other fun sauces

Let me introduce you to Black Swan sauces created by our own Max Good (hey, everyone has a side gig nowadays). He has 3 flavors, The Original Sauce, Beso del Fuego (with some heat), and Sweet Cognac (my favorite). You can order them from

Black Swan BBQ Sauce 2022

Published On: 4/22/2021 Last Modified: 5/22/2022


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