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Landmann Smoky Mountain 34″ Two Drawer Vertical Gas Smoker Review

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Landmann Smokey Mountain 34 inch Vertical Gas Smoker


The Landmann (aka Great Outdoors) 34″ Two Drawer Gas Vertical Smoker features a cast brass burner with rotary ignition. Lightweight construction give a flimsey feel to this cooker. The main door uses magnets instead of a latch and there is no insulation. It has two separate drawers: one for the porcelain coated water pan, the other for a steel wood chip box. The drawers enable you to replenish wood and water without opening the smoke box. It comes with four adjustable height, chrome plated cooking racks and a meat hanging hook. There is a chimney with damper on top and two side dampers as well. Wide stance legs provide stability for this tall, narrow cooker.

We often hear owners of inexpensive vertical BBQ smokers complain about poor workmanship, bent parts, bad welds, doors that don’t seal and smoke leaking all over. In moderate weather, these issues may work in your favor because we find many gas smokers have difficulty holding low smoking temps of 225 degrees and this model has a 13,500 BTU burner to goose temps up when necessary. Of course in winter conditions, these leaky, un-insulated cookers could have the opposite problem. They get hot on the outside and grease can accumulate in the bottom and drip down the legs, so use a grill mat to protect your deck.

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Product Information:

  • Model:
    Smoky Mountain 34" Two Drawer Vertical Gas Smoker
  • Item Price:
    $ 300.00
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  • Fuel:
    Propane Gas
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