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Barbecue: Fire and Smoke

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Cover of Barbecue: Fire and Smoke Cookbook

True BBQ From a True Gentleman

Henrik Oscarsson is a moderator in the Pit, our very active forum in the Pitmaster Club. Don’t know the Pitmaster Club? It’s our ad free, members only community devoted to all things fire and smoke. Check out the Pitmaster Club with a 30 day FREE trial here!

Search any barbecue topic in the Pit and you’ll find a robust discussion on the subject. You’ll also find expert commentary from Henrik, who lives in Sweden and smokes nearly every weekend. He even took 5 months off work just to deepen his barbecue chops by smoking meat every day. Now that’s dedication!

Henrik compiled all his barbecue wisdom into this book. It explains in detail how to create true barbecue using indirect heat and smoke, along with plenty of reliable recipes. Learn which cuts of meat are best suited for barbecue and how to flavor, smoke and grill them. The book also touches on smoke color, which wood to use, as well as how to control temperature. This book explains both the basics as well as advanced tips and tricks to succeed with low ‘n slow smoking, i.e. true barbecue. If you’re the handy type, there’s even a chapter on building your own large insulated offset smoker. All recipes include both imperial and metric measurements. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for fresh tips, this is a great barbecue book to add to your collection. 

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Published On: 11/26/2018 Last Modified: 1/25/2021


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