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Fortune High Heat Grilling Gloves Review And Rating

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high heat grilling gloves

These heat resistant gloves certainly rise to the occasion.

Fortune Grilling Gloves come in one size that “fits all” and a thin poly-cotton layer inside makes them fairly comfortable.

They are 11″ long x 7.5″ wide, come in three neon colors (green, blue, and orange), and the manufacturer lists them as being safe to 425ºF. They are FDA approved as being 100% BPA free and are textured on both the front and back with heart-shaped silicone bumps, which supposedly help improve their grip. These gloves come with two very small “mini oven mitts,” which are well-suited to making Kermit the Frog hand puppets, but not much else, as they are just too small for adult hands. Grabbing tongs with the gloves on proved to be no problem, however picking up a glass, or another slippery object is a bit tricky. Picking up a small paring knife or vegetable peeler is also a challenge, but once you pick it up, you can use a knife or vegetable peeler fairly easily. The gloves are dishwasher safe and can be hung to dry. They work fine in a deep fryer and in boiling water, picking up a cooked pork butt and ribs, and moving a hot grill and cast-iron pan or hot Dutch oven. Yes, you can handle all of these hot items without your hands getting burned. The gloves carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which will replace defective gloves or provide buyers a full refund.

I also tested the SBDW brand, virtually an identical glove with almost exactly the same results. It seems that there are over 80 “brands” that are extremely similar in their appearance and more than likely are of the same manufacturer. The giveaway is the pattern of raised silicone hearts with an oval where most of the sellers have put their unique names. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with this practice. After all, I reviewed the gloves not whose name is on them. Keep in mind that some of the gloves listed here are insulated like the Fortune brand, but many are not. That is a major difference from brand to brand. I assume all perform the same way, since they all appear to be made with the same thickness of silicone, have the exact same design, have virtually identical information listed on the selling page, and more than likely are just brothers and sisters of the Fortune family. The gloves are available in a variety of colors, but one word of warning: price vary greatly with the least expensive of these clones selling for $4-$5 and the most expensive going for an outrageous $94.99. The average prices listed for these gloves range from $15-$18. So caveat emptor!

Here are the clones: Afafkaka, All-Natural Pantry, Amazonbasics, Aspire, AVirgo, BBQ Butler, BBQSafe, Big Time BBQ, Blinkeen, BlueSkyBos,Blouemads, BTS Youda, Casapro, cheerfultime, Cool Friend, Cuisinart, Cutequeen, Elleck, FanGo Gear, Firehouse Leisure Products, Fxesblin, GDealer, Geekhom, GF Pro, GoodThings:), Grip Kings, Handiglove, HeatGrips, Holland Walker, Homar, Homdox, Hot Hands, HoTime, Housmile, iCooker, Innerneed, InspiraNova, iQualite, IYL, KisKis, Kitch Max, Kitchen Mastry, Kitchen Meister, KXCFCYS, LotFancy, LoveU, Magma Mitts, mAh, Mehome Kitchen, Mengo, Moost, Multifunctional Thicken, Niva, Nouvelle Legende, Oak Leaf, One Pair, PBKay, Pengxiaomei, Perfect Chef, PrimoChef, Sarah Alalen’s, SBDW, SFO, Silcony, SiliGrip, Sinide, Smart Grip, Smart Palms, Standard, StarVast, Super SWK, Targher, Tipeye, Toplus, Topoko, Topulors 2017, Toyofmine, TPK, TTLIFE, UShop, VRPDateChip, Whisso Tech, Winrida, Wloomn, X-Chef, Yibo, Yoheer, Yolala KinChi, Zvation.

Hot cast iron test (in minutes). 1:02.74 (SBDW 1:03.41).

Dexterity. Picked up and used tongs, but small paring knife was difficult, a little tight on the back of the knuckles.

Comfort. Of the silicone gloves we tested, they were the most comfortable.

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