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Pit Boss PB K24 Review

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Pit Boss PB K24 Kamado

The Pit Boss PB K24 is a low cost kamado from Dansons, makers of Louisiana Pellet Smokers. Some owners complain of chipped ceramic and wobbly misaligned lids, others are pleased with the great deal they got, and we recommend you look for a great deal as some retailers are offering deep discounts on the the entire Pit Boss BBQ line.

Black kamado with lid up showing two shiny steel rod, round cooking grates stacked low and high. The high grate is a few inches above  the low one.

This big 24″ XL kamado comes with a four legged stand on four locking casters, two-tiered stainless steel cooking grates (above), a cast iron upper damper, sliding lower damper, and fold down bamboo side shelves. A shock absorber in the front prevents the lid from slamming down.

I tested one of their Pit Boss pellet smokers and inspected this big 24″ kamado at Costco. It’s easy to see where costs have been cut to keep the price down. You will notice the dampers, insulation and hardware are bargain basement quality, but if the price is right, Pit Boss isn’t a bad deal as long as one has realistic expectations.

But remember – don’t pay the MSRP posted below. At list price we give the PB K24 an Best Value Bronze Medal. At around $600 it jumps to Silver. List price on the 22″ model is about a hundred bucks less.

Limited lifetime warranty on all ceramic parts and five years on all metal parts.

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Product Information:

  • Model:
    PB K24
  • Item Price:
    $ 899.00
    *Price Subject To Change
  • Where to buy (buying from this supplier supports this website):
  • Made in USA:
  • Review Method:
    Looked Closely At It
    We have seen this product up close and we have also gathered info from the manufacturer, owners, and other reliable sources.
  • Primary Function:
    Grill, Smoker, Egg or Kamado Style
  • Fuel:
  • Primary Capacity:
    330 square inches
    Mid-Size (about 16 burgers)
  • Secondary Capacity:
    330 square inches

Published On: 6/30/2016 Last Modified: 2/24/2021

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