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Hexarmor (Ansi 5) Food Service 10-302 Cut Resistant Gloves Review

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Hexarmor (Ansi 5) Food Service 10-302 Cut Resistant Gloves

While not among our top rated, this is still a quality cut resistant glove.

Light in weight, the Hexarmor (Ansi 5) Food Service 10-302 Cut Resistant Gloves is made with 82% high performance polyethylene, 10% plastic and 8% spandex, enhanced with a layer of highly cut-resistant SuperFabric guardplates (bumps) over primary knife strike areas.

The use of guardplates does leave other areas vulnerable to wayward cuts. These gloves are not to be used with serrated or whirring blades. The Core-Tek shell is designed to keep hands cool, and this glove can be worn under nitrile, latex, vinyl or another food-safe glove.

The elastic cuff provides a tight fit, and the glove is hand or machine washable and bleachable. It should be dried by hand. Level 5 protection is only under the guardplates. Other areas of the glove are Level 1 and will rip, slice or puncture like a cotton glove.

Available in XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL. Sold individually, not in pairs.

Protection and Performance

  • Back-of-hand protection (only under guardplates) – no penetration
  • Cut protection in palm area (only under guardplates) – no penetration
  • Finger protection (thumb and first two fingers only) – no penetration
  • Puncture protection (only under guardplates) – no penetration
  • Durability – Very durable, should last for years


  • Wet – Good
  • Greasy – Thumb and two fingers slightly slippery
  • Consistency – Able to grip strongly


  • Overall comfort – Very comfortable
  • Overall fit – Very good fit, snug but not uncomfortable
  • Dexterity – No limitation on hand movement
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Published On: 9/27/2018 Last Modified: 4/26/2021

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