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Pizza Party Pizzone Review

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Pizza Party Pizza Oven

Pizza Party has decided to stop sales outside of Europe. It is no longer available in the USA.

The Pizza Party Pizzone is their largest pizza oven, big enough for 3 pies (4 is possible but not practical). It is 70 x 90 cm (27.5 x 31.5”), and it weighs 152 pounds. It has a dome that is high quality stainless steel inside and a painted aluminum exterior with a ceramic fabric insulation. The manufacturer claims the exterior paint is highly durable but I have not had mine long enough to test the claim. To protect it I have purchased a cover. They make a mid-size 70 x 70 cm (27.5 x 27.5″) and smaller 52 x 50 cm (20.5 x 20″) model as well.

The base is “Biscotto Saputo” a form of heat resistant concrete on top of insulation and the front is firebrick with a solid stainless steel door. It comes with a metal deflector to place between the coals and the pie, a raised log holder to help ignite the logs, and dial thermometer.

Options include door with glass plate (I recommend this upgrade), long handled peels, an aluminum stand with a small plywood shelf, a similar stand with 2 rear wheels, a motorized rotisserie, a “BBQ” set which is an angled roasting rack and drip pan, a flue for use if you want to extend the chimney through the roof of your porch as well as chimney attachments to direct the smoke at right angles, etc.

My model came with the optional aluminum stand with a small shelf and two wheels. In my photos you can see I have added two large shelves to hold tools and logs and I plan to add two more wheels.

I was able to get it up to 600°F easily and cook pizzas perfectly, steaming as they exit the oven, with fully cooked toppings, no wet interiors in the dough, and a nice bit of the sought after charred splotches on the bottom, all in less than 3 minutes. With more wood it can go to 700°F, and cook in less than 2 minutes. Once it is preheated, the unit retains heat for hours on just a few logs.

It can also be used for cooking calzones, breads, and roast meats. Put a whole fish in a pan with some veggies, or sit a turkey on a rack above a drip pan. Use the optional rotisserie for a chicken or a roast. To bake bread you want to put in a metal rack from your grill to raise the bread off the bottom.

Here’s a video of how it cooks:

Because it is lightweight, especially if you take the concrete bricks out of the bottom, it is portable and is being used by caterers. When it first arrives it takes about an hour to assemble. Here’s how it comes packed and how to assemble it:

You want to thoroughly preheat the device so it really holds the heat, and that takes about an hour on a 75°F day in the shade. To fire up you start by opening the flue all the way, lay down a base of kindling twigs or pine cones in the middle, put the log holder on top of the twigs, and a few logs on top. Logs or splits about 2 to 4” in diameter work well to get things started. You can simply light the kindling with matches, or a propane torch, and if you want to get it going fast, a hair drier or a BBQ Dragon really gets the flames roaring.

Let the wood burn in the center with the door in place but tilted so plenty of air can enter. Wait until it gets up to about 500°F, remove the log holder, push the embers to the side opposite the thermometer, and add a big log. Slide the metal shield in place to deflect the flames upward, and use a 5’ length of aluminum electrical conduit to blow ash and small embers to the rear so the cooking floor is clean. Make sure you don’t inhale!

Here’s a video of lighting it:

To bake a pizza, lightly dust the peel (the paddle used to insert and turn the pie) with flour or cornmeal. Stretch the dough to the desired size and thickness add the toppings. Click here for dough recipes and more pizza making tips.

With an aggressive flick of the wrist, slip the pizza onto the hot concrete bricks. Close the door for about 30 seconds, open the door and use the peel to rotate the pie 45 degrees so the side closest to the fire doesn’t burn and repeat. This takes a bit of technique; you use the floor of the oven to grab an edge while you push the peel so the pie on the peel turns. It’s pretty easy once you try it.

The pizza is done when the bottom has some dark black splotches, not more than 1/4 of the surface. If the bottom is done but the top is not quite cooked, and you must cook meats properly, slide in the peel and lift the pie to about 6” below the ceiling, right below the flame that is curling overhead. 10 to 20 seconds should be more than enough to finish the job.

Here is a picture of how one owner has tricked his out.

Large outdoor brick fireplace witha wood storage area on the right and a pizza oven with chimney on top. A house with clay tile roof and green trees are in the background.

They can be built into a kitchen or patio.

Caveats: Even though it is well insulated, the exterior gets very hot so warn your guests not to touch! And for the smoke lovers, please note, wood fired pizza ovens burn hot and clean and there is very little smoke flavor. Think of this as a superb super-hot oven. Alas their website is not built as well as their ovens and it is hard to find some things you need, especially their tutorials. Click here to start on the support page.

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Published On: 8/22/2016 Last Modified: 2/28/2021

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