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Blowin’ Smoke Cookers Gameday

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Blowin' Smoke Cookers Gameday

We asked Blowin’ Smoke to show us their most popular residential offset smoker and they responded with Gameday. Most of Blowin’ Smoke’s models are massive rigs sized for competition and catering. While Gameday is one of their smaller offerings, it is rather large for most backyard cooks. But if you have a big backyard, big aspirations, or lots of friends and relatives, it could be for you.

Gameday uses Blowin’ Smoke’s signature reverse flow design, which some believe provides more even air and heat flow than traditional offsets that have a firebox on one side and chimney on the other. Reverse flow smokers place the chimney directly above the firebox, so heat travels along the bottom of the smoke tank to the opposite side where it flows upward AND then reverses course over the food, heading back where it came from and out the chimney.

The main rack has a generous 1,512 square inches of cooking space. The secondary shelf has an additional 1,080 square inches. The “rib box” on the right side has three shelves, each with 384 square inches of cooking capacity. Gameday also has grilling capability with a charcoal grill on the front that has two pull out grates for a combined total of 1,080 square square inches. It even includes a gas burner and mounting platform for a fryer pot located in the back.

The 60 inch long smoke tank is separated into two sections with two doors. The larger section on the right is said to be big enough for a whole hog. Hinges are welded on for durability. The insulated firebox consists of two layers of steel with insulation sandwiched in between to help maintain a steady temperature. Racks in the firebox are framed with two inch angle iron to withstand heat.

All models can be customized. Blowin’ Smoke offers roofs, Black Stone griddles, health department compliant sink packages, storage boxes, custom wheels, custom paint, and more.

Gameday has a two year limited warranty against defects and one year on the rubber tires.

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Product Information:

  • Model:
  • Item Price:
    $ 3,775.00
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  • Made in USA:
  • Review Method:
    Researched it from Afar
    We have researched this product from afar by gathering info from the manufacturer, owners, and other reliable sources, with our BS meters on high.
  • Primary Function:
    Grill, Smoker, Combination Grill and Smoker, Pig or Lamb Roaster, Tailgater
  • Fuel:
    Charcoal, Logs
  • Primary Capacity:
    2592 square inches
    Extra Large and Commercial (about 128 burgers)
  • Secondary Capacity:
    2232 square inches

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Published On: 6/4/2020 Last Modified: 6/22/2023

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