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Grills Gone Wild

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taxi grill

If you don’t like the grills in your hardware store, how about one of these? Send them to me when you see a new one to add to my rogues gallery. And help me write better captions in the comments, below.

Homer hates his grill so he smashes it

barbie dolls over a barbecue, aka barbie-q
Come on over we’ll have a barbie-q.

hog rotisserie
Rube Goldberg prize.

pitchfork skewers
Ultimate low cost hot dog cooker.

v8 grill
Heats up fast.

airliner smoker
Couldn’t you just put the steaks in the engine exhaust?

traeger piggie
Traeger made this pellet burner and they have a longhorn too.

firemen lunch break
When lunch is served, these firemen eat.

flower pot smokers
Why pay for a Big Green Eg when you can make a Big Brown Egg?

tractor grill
Great way to keep the workers on the site.
shopping cart grill
Dinner a la carte?

pistol smoker
A whole new meaning to fire up the grill.

world's largest grill in a truck
World’s largest grill by Johnsonville Brats.

v8 grill
Comes in economy 6 cylinder size too.

oil pan grill
Best oil pan ever.

IBM grill
Finally, a good use for that damn PC.

hog shaped smoker
Say ahhhhhhhh.

kitchen oven smoker
So that’s what that bottom drawer is for. And I keep pot lids in mine.

toilet grill
Is this charcoal or gas?

train smoker
First you gotta get the meat with the cowcatcher.

USB grill
USB powered Korean grill.

v8 grill
When one chimney is not enough.

klose's bling bling grill
Klose’s Bling Bling comes with satellite dish, grill, smoker, fridge, lazy Susan, and even the kitchen sink.

balcony grill with a flower pot
Smells much better than flowers.
grill under the hood
Problem is cops keep pulling him over.
The kamado is an ancient design. The thermometers, not.

hot dog skewers
They plump when hot.

two barrel smoker
Honey, I thought you were going to make me rain barrels?

piggie bus
Traveling in style.

refrigerator smoker
The beer is in the white one.

hog shaped smoker
Hey, man, don’t bogart that pork.
v8 grill
Gas powered grill.
empty baby carriage grill
Coach class food was never better.

shopping cart campfire
Ran out of money during construction.

lawnmower grill
For guys who cut their lawn while they grill.

motorcycle smoker
For smoking hogs.

cow smoker
For smoking cheese.

jack daniels smoker
Hoping to qualify for the Jack.

bathtub hot tub
Wisconsin brat tub.

engine smoker
Dogs in the hood.

trunk smoker
A grate tailgater.

truck smoker
Built Ford tender.

truck smoker
Now this is a truckstop.

atv grill
The All Terrain Meal on Wheels.

train smoker
A nice cooker but the food is a bit choo chewy.

breakaway grill
For those who always wanted stainless steel appliances.

train smoker
First prize for artistry.

deere cooks pig
Deere cooks pig.

bulldog grill
No doubt a Georgia Bulldog fan

gas grill
Low cost gas grill works for beans.

fridge smoker
Steve Lillegard built this offset smoker.

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cook with lava
Click here to watch Bompass & Parr cook with lava and lightning.

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Published On: 6/14/2012 Last Modified: 6/21/2024

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