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ThermoPro TempSpike Plus Reviewed and Rated

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ThermoPro TempSpike Plus Review

The ThermoPro TempSpike Plus is an upgraded version of the TempSpike that we reviewed here. The latest version has a shorter, reduced-diameter probe that should make it easier to use on smaller cuts of meat. It uses the same app as its predecessor.

I tested the accuracy of the food end of the probe. It is limited to a maximum temperature of 212°F (100°C) or the internal electronics may be damaged. I chose to test at 130°F, the most often used value for a medium-rare steak, at 160° for poultry or ground beef safety, and at 205° for a fully-cooked brisket or pork butt. The unit was within one degree on all three temps, an excellent result. I did not test the ambient end of the probe as earlier versions of the product excelled there, too.

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The unit is easy to use. Insert the probe into the booster, plug a USB-C supply into the side, and charge until the lights go out. The manufacturer claims up to 40 hours for a single charge of the probe. The booster lasts up to three months on a charge. That should be more than adequate for cooking anything smaller than a T-Rex. After charging, insert the probe up to the black end handle. Pair your phone with the booster if you haven’t done so already, and fire up the app. From there, you will be able to set a doneness temperature, either from a table or your custom value. You can watch the progress of the cook and get some idea of how much longer it will take. The accuracy of this prediction varies with the cooking profile. It can guestimate the done time for a steak, but all bets are off if you are cooking something that will stall, like a brisket. Nobody has figured this one out yet which isn’t a surprise as it is like hitting a moving target.

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We liked the earlier version of this product, and this one should be even more flexible and accurate. The price is lower, too. What’s not to like about all of that? We have awarded this version another Gold Medal.

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Product Information:

  • Thermometer Function:
    Leave in Food, Leave in Cooker, Wireless Remote
  • Item Price:
    $ 90.00
    *Price Subject To Change
  • Where to buy (buying from this supplier supports this website):
  • Probe:
    Length: 2.5" (65mm), diameter: 0.21" (5.33mm)
  • Battery Type:
    Li ion in probe and booster
  • Battery Life:
    Probe: 40 hrs, booster: 3 mos (mfgr.)
  • Min & Max Temp:
    Internal: 14 to 212°F (-10 to 100°C), ambient: 14 to 572°F (-10 to 300°C)
  • Display Precision:
  • Actual Temp at 32 Degrees:
  • Actual Temp at 130 Degrees:
    See narrative
  • Speed from 32 to 212 Degrees:
  • Numbers Display Size:
    App dependent
  • Water Resistance Rating:
    IP67 waterproof
  • Weight:
    Probe: 0.4 oz (12g), booster: 4.5 oz (127g)
  • C/F Switch:
    Built in CF switch
  • Backlight:
    No Backlight
  • Auto shutoff:
    No Auto Shutoff
  • Thermometer Sensor:
  • Thermometer Connection:
  • App:
    Apple and Android
  • Included:
    Probe, charger/booster, USB cable, instructions
  • Available Accessories:
    Additional probes available
  • Alarms:

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Published On: 11/25/2023 Last Modified: 6/22/2024

  • Bill McGrath, Chief Thermometer Reviewer - Bill McGrath is's Thermometer Maven. He has sophisticated equipment, an electrical engineering degree from Cornell University, and an MBA (almost) from UC Berkeley. Despite being mostly retired, he is still the person responsible for developing and updating all of ExxonMobil's training modules.


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