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Bar Necessities: Choosing The Right Beer Glasses, Mugs, Tankards, And Steins

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beer glass

No bar would be complete without quality glassware and here’s as assortment of some of our favorite beer mugs and glasses.

I like having a mug when I’m outdoors or in my workshop, but at the dinner table I prefer a nice pint glass, the kind you might be served in an Irish pub.

beer stein

Heft a cold one in this 22 ounce ceramic stein with gold trim. We have designed a range of mugs that say “BBQ God”, “Jeet?”, “Got Ribs?”, “iRibs”, “Eat Me”, and more. Dishwasher and microwave safe. There are coffee mugs and clothing with these fun captions. Made and sold by

german stein

Moe's Tavern Lidded Beer Stein

 I have one with a team logo for watching my Gators, and one with a lid for when I am in my workshop to keep sawdust out, and for drinking outdoors to keep flies out.

Team Lidded Beer Stein

There are magnificent handcrafted works of art with a lid from Germany, and a Moe’s Tavern stein with a pewter lid.

Amazon has an unbelievable selection of beer mugs, tankards, and steins

Here’s a link to the huge range of glassware choices on Amazon

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Published On: 9/25/2018 Last Modified: 1/25/2021

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