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Firing Up The Grill With The GrillBlazer GrillGun

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GrillBlazer GrillGun lighting charcoal

Lighting your smoker, grill, or fire pit has never looked so cool! It also couldn’t be much simpler thanks to the GrillBlazer GrillGun charcoal grill torch.

This propane-powered torch looks like a pistol and a flamethrower had a child, providing plenty of firepower for getting charcoal or wood going in a matter of minutes. To set it up for use, make sure the red gas valve knob is completely off, then screw a 1-pound disposable propane bottle like the barrel-shaped ones used for camping or MAPP fuel cylinder to the gas connector on the bottom of the gun’s grip. You can also purchase an adapter hose if you opt to connect it to a 20-pound propane tank.

Once you are ready to heat the charcoal or wood, barely turn the gas valve knob to start the flow of propane through the torch. Pull and immediately release the gun’s finger trigger to ignite the fuel. The GrillGun should light right away and you will have a small flame coming out of the fire bell at the end of the fuel barrel.

Once it is lit, you can increase the intensity of the flame by either opening the gas valve more for a constant flow of fuel or pulling the gun’s trigger for a short burst of high-velocity flame. Note that there is a trigger safety lock that will need to be unlocked with your pinky before you can click the trigger. Then simply point the flame at the charcoal and/or wood and it will be lit in a matter of only a minute or two! Note that it does use a lot of fuel (you’ll get about 4-6 two-minute burns per 1-pound canister, so be sure to have an extra canister or two on hand).

When you are done using the GrillGun, simply turn off the gas valve knob to cut off the flow of propane. Remove the propane bottle and allow it to cool completely before storing it for future use. 

The GrillGun is available in two sizes, a 14.5-inch long SuV Gun that is recommended for searing steaks and other foods after sous vide cooking, and the 21-inch long GrillGun which is better suited for lighting charcoal given the length of the barrel. All said, the GrillGun is a show stopper that also speeds up the process of lighting charcoal. The biggest downside is the $170 price tag, which makes it impractical for many backyard cooks. But if you can swing it, you will no doubt be the coolest guy on the block when it comes to firing up the grill!

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Published On: 2/21/2024

  • Clint Cantwell, President And BBQ Personality - Clint Cantwell is's President, a championship competition BBQ cook, and outdoor cooking personality.


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