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BBQube 5X family of probes Review

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BBQube 5X family of probes Review

BBQube makes a line of replacement probes for the Maverick ET-732/733 family of remote food thermometers. The manufacturer advertises the probes as being five times faster to respond to temperature changes than the OEM probes that come with the Maverick units. However, the Maverick thermometers only sample the probe output at about 11 second intervals, so we were unable to test this claim. What’s more, fast response is not an important parameter for probes that are left in the cooker or food because these temperatures change slowly anyway.

The quality of the probes and their cables/connectors is average. There is no additional sealing or strain relief that would help protect the probes from damage, although this is typical of most probes. The braided cable is about the same thickness as most probes of this type, so I would expect them to stand up reasonably well in use. The probes we tested have cables that are 1 meter in length, slightly over three feet. Longer cabled probes are available.

The probes are available on Amazon using the links below.

5X1M: Amazon
$19.99 or $19.95
Actual temp: Displayed temp:130: 131º
Actual temp: Displayed temp:225: 226º
Actual temp: Displayed temp:325: 325º
Response time (seconds): 32-212: ~11*
Response time (seconds):212-32: ~11*
Cable length: 44″ (101m)
Probe diameter: 0.158″ (4mm), tip: 0.086″ (2.2mm)
Probe length: 6″ (152mm)

S5X1M: Amazon
$19.99 or $19.95
Actual temp: Displayed temp:130: 131º
Actual temp: Displayed temp:225: 226º
Actual temp: Displayed temp:325: 327º
Response time (seconds):32-212: ~11*
Response time (seconds):212-32: ~11*
Cable length: 44″ (101m)
Probe diameter: 0.158″ (4mm), tip: 0.086″ (2.2mm)
Probe length: 2″ (51mm)

A5X1M: Amazon
$19.99 or $19.95
Actual temp: Displayed temp: 130: 131º
Actual temp: Displayed temp:225: 226º
Actual temp: Displayed temp:325: 329º
Response time (seconds):32-212: ~11*
Response time (seconds):212-32: ~11*
Cable length: 44″ (101m)
Probe diameter: 0.158″ (4mm), tip: 0.086″ (2.2mm)
Probe length: 3″ (76mm)

* probe response masked by the Maverick update interval, hence meaningless.

You’ll have to decide for yourself if you want these probes. They are about the same price as the OEM probes and don’t offer any advantages due to the way the Maverick transmitter samples the data. They are a little longer than the standard OEM units which might be helpful. I’ll give them a Bronze medal for good accuracy and decent construction.

  • Thermometer Function:
    Leave in Food, Leave in Cooker
  • Item Price:
    $ 19.99
  • Where to buy (buying from this supplier supports this website):

    6" food probe: Amazon

    2" food probe: Amazon

    Air probe: Amazon

  • Probe:
    See narrative
  • Min & Max Temp:
    -22 to 572ºF (-30 to 300ºC)
  • Actual Temp at 32 Degrees:
    See narrative
  • Actual Temp at 130 Degrees:
    See narrative
  • Actual Temp at 225 Degrees:
    See narrative
  • Actual Temp at 325 Degrees:
    See narrative
  • Speed from 32 to 212 Degrees:
    See narrative
  • Water Resistance Rating:
    Do not submerge
  • C/F Switch:
    No CF swich
  • Backlight:
    No Backlight
  • Thermometer Sensor:
  • Included:
    Reel to hold flexible cable

Published On: 10/1/2016 Last Modified: 1/28/2021

  • Bill McGrath - Bill McGrath is's Thermometer Maven. He has sophisticated equipment, an electrical engineering degree from Cornell University, and an MBA (almost) from UC Berkeley. Despite being mostly retired, he is still the person responsible for developing and updating all of ExxonMobil's training modules.


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