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Windblocker Chafing Dish Frame

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Windblocker Chafing Dish Frame

This portable chaffing dish holder keeps food warm even in the wind.

WindBlocker is a portable chafing dish frame that blocks wind while allowing some air under the food and water pans to keep the fuel lit. When used indoors, one lit Sterno is enough to keep the water pan at the desired temperature because the flame and heat are contained beneath the chafing dish. For use outdoors in the wind, two Sterno cans will get the job done.

Each WindBlocker is a lightweight aluminum one-piece unit, weighing about one pound. Simply place your fuel cans inside, light them, then place a filled chafing dish in each Windblocker chafing dish frame. The frames come in either black or white and fold flat for easy storage and transportation.

A small fuel can housing and supports are permanently attached and folded inside. Six standard-sized (50.8” x 31.75” x 21.59”) units fit in a convenient heavy duty, padded and reinforced, 6-compartment, zippered, polyester shoulder carrying bag.

I tested the Windblocker on my back deck, where the photo was taken, and the sternos stayed lit in 23 mph gusts. For comparison, I tested my standard chafing dish frame alongside the Windblocker. I used two Sternos and both Sternos blew out and would not stay lit. Along with the Windblocker, there are other makes and models with prices from about $35.00 to about $130.00.

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