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Bron’s Kiss My Grits Recipe

Even if you haven't tried grits you are certain to fall in love with this classic recipe. In the south, where corn is king, grits are it. They are especially good with cheese, ham, shrimp. Purists prefer stone ground grits, and never buy instant grits, which have been processed to speed cooking.

How To Make Smoked Homemade Bacon – It Is So Much Better Than Store Bought

Homemade bacon is easy and the results are much better than grocery store smoked bacon. Once you have the basic homemade smoked bacon recipe down, you can vary the ingredients to make countless flavor variations.

Smoked Egg Salad Is Anything But Ordinary

Smoked eggs? You bet! Egg salad is an old standard. But you can amp it up to 11 with this tested recipe for smoked egg salad and an amazing Mayo Mojo spice mix.

The Corned Beef Hash Recipe All Others Aspire To Be

Corned beef hash is a perfect way to use leftover corned beef after St. Patrick's Day has come and gone. Cooking chopped corned beef along with potatoes, onion, and other select ingredients results in a dish that puts all other corned beef hash to shame. Top it with an egg or other ingredients for your own twist.

Homemade Breakfast Sausage: The Best Way To Start Your Day

Why buy pre-made breakfast sausage when you can make your own more flavorful version at home? Breakfast sausage is an American invention, we think, and its distinctive character comes from a touch of maple syrup. Our homemade breakfast sausage recipe amp up any breakfast and is wonderful as either links or as patties.

Canadian And Irish Bacon Made Better At Home

Fans of Canadian bacon will rejoice this recipe for making flavorful smoked pork loin at home. Making Canadian bacon or back bacon is more like curing a ham than making American bacon. Order boneless loin (not tenderloin) if you want to make this. Irish bacon is made like Canadian bacon but without the smoking step.

This Colorful Pickled Eggs Recipe Will Brighten Your Day

Pickled hard boiled eggs have long been a staple at bars and pubs around the world. Originally created as a means of preserving eggs, these sweet and tangy snacks are a perfect addition to any party menu. In addition to vinegar, sugar, and spices in this recipe, our pickled eggs are stained purple with beet juice for wow factor.
Meatup in Memphis

Meatup in Memphis


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