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FinaMill Battery-Powered Pepper And Spice Grinder Starter Pack Review

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FinaMill Starter Pack

Most of us know that freshly ground pepper is notably more flavorful than the pre-ground variety you can purchase at the store. But even so, it is usually easier to reach for the pepper shaker than to grind it by hand with a grinder that simply doesn’t work well. Occasionally a clever new riff on the traditional pepper mill emerges; a better mousetrap so to speak. Some are better than others, but all have the same basic design.

Then along came FinaMill. FinaMill is a battery-powered, ergonomically designed spice grinder that enables you to not only work with peppercorns but also with a variety of other spices. To operate, grab FinaMill then press a button with your thumb. An electric motor starts grinding while an LED light at the bottom turns on to illuminate your target and let you know that it’s doing its thing!

But that ain’t all folks. FinaMill’s brilliant design lets you switch between spices effortlessly with their unique spice pods. Load the pods before cooking with your selected spices and pop them in and out as needed with one hand, freeing up the other hand for flipping uncooked meats. One video is worth more than a thousand words in this case. We’ve never seen anything quite like it.

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FinaMill comes in a variety of colors and a few different configurations.  We tested the Starter Pack which includes two FinaMill PRO Plus Pods. Extra pods can be purchased for about $10 each. 

FinaPod PRO Plus

PRO Plus Pods grind smallish spices. For larger spices like allspice, FinaMill offers their MAX Pod

FinaPod MAX

FinaMill plans to release a third pod that grinds even bigger goodies like parmesan cheese and cinnamon by the end of 2023. All pods can be adjusted on the fly, providing you with a range from fine to coarse grind by simply twisting a knob at the bottom.

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Here’s the standard battery-powered FinaMill we tested.

FinaMill labeled

They expect to roll out a rechargeable model soon as well.


Elegant, attractive, and well-made, we love FinaMill! The ease of use is much better than other spice grinders we’ve seen. FinaMill encourages us to go the chef’s route when cooking and use fresh ground spices. We keep one pod full of peppercorns on hand at all times. With FinaMill we don’t even have to unscrew a cap; just grab and grind. And the price is surprisingly affordable. Few products have so thoroughly impressed us the way this did. We award FinaMill our top Best Value Platinum Medal.


Two years.

We thank FinaMill for providing a FinaMill Battery Powered Starter Pack for our tests.

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Published On: 5/31/2023 Last Modified: 12/7/2023

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