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Bar Tools, Glassware, Corkscrews (1 Page) (cont'd)

Corkscrews: Pump Style Corkscrews Reviewed

The compressed air hypodermic cork remover looks like a giant needle to be inserted through the cork. The "syringe" part is like a bicycle pump, and pumps air into the bottle until the internal pressure pushes the cork out. While they usually work fine, they can break off in the cork in the bottle or worse.

Corkscrews: Don’t Do The Double Screws


Meathead, Founder And BBQ Hall of Famer

The double screw style corkscrew is one to avoid. The double screw is so-called because it removes the cork by screwing the helix into the cork and then a latch is thrown so a thread around the top helix pulls it out.

Corkscrews: The Classic Waiter’s Lever


Meathead, Founder And BBQ Hall of Famer

The waiter's lever is still popular with bartenders and restaurant staffs. It is compact and folds up like a pocket knife. Its handle is hinged and one end has a fulcrum which rests on the bottle lip. Newer models like this one uses a 2-step lifter that improves leverage.

Corkscrews: The Ah-so, Don’t Let The Funny Name Fool You

The ah-so device is one of the most unique tools for removing a cork and was once the rage in California. The device has two prongs that are wiggled between the cork and the bottle neck, and with a quick twisting motion, easily yanks the cork out of the bottle without puncturing the cork. Most of the time.

Corkscrews: The Winged Screw Reviewed


Meathead, Founder And BBQ Hall of Famer

When it comes to selecting the right corkscrew, there are countless design options available in the market. One type that I recommend is the winged corkscrew. It has two wing-like levers that pull the cork up through its frame when they are depressed, and they are very inexpensive, usually under $10.

Corkscrews: Electric Corkscrews Are An Interesting Option

The Oster battery operated wine opener is a really clever device. With the touch of a button it can open 30 bottles between charges.

Corkscrews: Screwpulls and Imitators


Meathead, Founder And BBQ Hall of Famer

The finest corkscrew ever designed is a gadget called the Screwpull. Actually there are three excellent models of Screwpull and there are some Screwpull imitators that work pretty well. At the center of the concept is an extra-long, wire helix with an extra wide spiral and an extra sharp tip for piercing corks.

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Published On: 5/14/2019 Last Modified: 7/10/2023


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