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Four Months, Four Great Weber Giveaways

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In celebration of peak BBQ and grilling season, we have teamed up with the fine folks at Weber to offer four months of amazing grill giveaways. Winners will be selected at random from among all currently registered members of the Pitmaster Club!

Join The Pitmaster Club For Your Chance To Win

By joining the Pitmaster Club, you’ll not only be automatically entered into our regular 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Great Monthly Giveaway, but you’ll also have a chance to win one of four grills during the months of May, June, July, and August 2023.

Here’s a breakdown of each monthly prize, along with our complete product reviews!

MAY 2023 DRAWING: Weber Griddle 36” (MSRP $579.00)

The extra-large, high-performance Weber griddle is designed to provide fast, even heat from edge-to-edge. Quickly reaching searing temperatures over 500˚F, it’s just what you need to cook a salmon filet on a busy weeknight or a batch of burgers on a Saturday afternoon. This spacious griddle includes 2 side tables to prep, serve and keep tools handy, while the griddle itself gives you space to cook an entire meal at once, so all of your food is ready at the same time. Its high-capacity grease management system helps prevent spills, making cleanup a snap.

JUNE 2023 DRAWING: Weber Lumin Electric Grill (MSRP $479.00)

This multifunction electric grill reaches temperatures over 600°F so sear-mark seekers can achieve high-quality searing, while smoke infusion further enhances that grill flavor guests crave. Speaking of satisfied guests, the Lumin grill can keep food warm so everyone can easily serve themselves (and come back for seconds). Modern, compact, and available in an array of colors, Weber’s new Lumin electric grill is designed to suit both your taste and your outdoor space.

JULY 2023 DRAWING: Weber Original Kettle Premium 22-Inch Charcoal Grill (MSRP $219.00)

Spark your passion for charcoal grilling with the Kettle that started it all. The Original Kettle Premium charcoal grill boasts upgraded features, such as a hinged cooking grate for easily adding charcoal while grilling, and the One-Touch cleaning system with a high-capacity ash catcher, making for a smooth grilling experience from beginning to end.

AUGUST 2023 DRAWING: Weber Genesis EPX-335 Smart Gas Grill with Full-Sized Griddle Insert (MSRP $1,948.00)

The Genesis® smart grill creates a full backyard culinary experience. Roast, bake, steam, or even stir-fry by replacing the cooking grate with custom-fit Weber Crafted™ grillware, inspiring food never thought possible on the grill. And with Weber Connect® smart technology, you’ll receive real-time food temperature alerts, so that whatever you’re making turns out perfect every time. In addition to the grill, August’s prize winner will receive a full-sized griddle insert.

NOTE: Please refer to for rules and regulations associated with our monthly giveaways and for this special Weber giveaway.

Sneak Peek: Weber Lumin Electric Grill Review


Max Good,’s Full-Time Grill Tester

Weber introduces Lumin electric grills “designed for those with limited outdoor space and electric-first people who crave barbecue's authentic, delicious flavors...” Although electric grills aren’t new, interest in all things electric are trending and grill manufacturers view this trend as an emerging new opportunity.

Weber Griddle 28 Inch Reviewed and Rated


Max Good,’s Full-Time Grill Tester

Weber aims to capitalize on the rising popularity of backyard griddling with their line of stand-alone griddles, griddle inserts, and various griddle accessories. In recent years Weber had a couple high profile rollouts that, uncharacteristically, seemed forced into the market before ready but this one is a different story. Find out why with our full review.

Weber Original Kettle Premium 22-Inch Charcoal Grill Reviewed


Max Good,’s Full-Time Grill Tester

Weber Kettles enjoy evergreen popularity from one generation to the next. They are durable and you can cook just about anything you want on them. Pile up coal on one side to sear steaks or set up 2-zone roasting, We tested and reviewed these iconic grills. You can't go wrong with our Platinum Medal winning Weber kettles.

Weber Genesis EPX-335 Smart Gas Grill Reviewed And Rated


Max Good,’s Full-Time Grill Tester

Weber's popular Genesis Gas Grills are a perfect option for those who have grown tired of constantly replacing cheap entry-level gassers and want better quality, performance, and durability. Weber's 2022 models are, in many ways, the best Genesis lineup yet.

Published On: 4/17/2023 Last Modified: 2/13/2024


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