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SteakAger PRO 40 Reviewed And Rated

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SteakAger PRO 40

I’ve long been a fan and advocate of dry-aged steaks and my restaurants are known for the rich, deep flavors dry aging brings to the table. In a commercial setting, we use specialized equipment for dry aging large quantities of meat. However, I’m seeing increased interest in smaller models for residential use. 

At 33″H x 17.5″W x 20″D, SteakAger PRO 40 will fit under your kitchen counter, like a beverage refrigerator, but can still hold a good amount of meat. Loaded up, it fits two subprimals for 40 to 50 pounds of lip-smacking deliciousness.

PRO 40 was easy to unpack and set up. When choosing placement, remember you need access to two standard wall outlets for PRO to function. It has a single rack at the top and bars for hanging large cuts. For subprimals, I used “cages” to truss and hang meat. You truss the meat using butcher twine (provided) into a curved rack and then hang it in the SteakAger.

I started with a bone-in beef ribeye weighing 8.76 pounds. It was aged for 40 days and finished with a dry-aged weight of 7.07 pounds. After trimming, it weighed 5.38 pounds for a total loss of 3.38 pounds.

SteakAger hanging primal

The meat was tender, it was sweet with a nutty finish. It produced a high-quality dry-aged steak.

PRO 40 can do a lot, but the basic unit has some limits. For example, it can’t do charcuterie, but SteakAger offers a variety of add-ons and bundles to expand PRO 40’s versatility, thus allowing for charcuterie and more.

Diners at my restaurants sometimes wonder about dry-aging at home in their kitchen refrigerator. WARNING: you can’t just dry-age meats in your refrigerator and expect results that are good and safe; oxygen and bacteria can mess meats up big time and possibly present a danger to you. That’s why SteakAger has humidity control and UVC light to manage bacterial growth.

SteakAger UVC light

SteakAger also has a smartphone app to track items being aged along with temperature and humidity.

All in all PRO 40 is a good choice for steak lovers who need capacity, have the budget, and want to knock their guests’ taste buds out of the park. I give SteakAger PRO 40 the Best Value Gold Medal.

Also available in a smaller Pro 15 model. MSRP $329. It comes with a one-year warranty.

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Published On: 5/3/2023

  • Chef Rick Gresh, Culinary Product Tester - Rick Gresh is currently the Director of U.S. Culinary Operations for AceBounce. He is frequently asked to speak and demonstrate as a culinary expert at events around the country. 


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