Making Maple Taffy On Snow

"Who was the genius adventurous enough to taste maple tree sap and then have the bright idea to boil it down into a marvelous syrup?" Meathead

When the first snow flies, we make maple taffy. Chewy and rich, the texture and flavor are a real treat. Kids love making it almost as much as eating it.

You'll need 100% pure real maple syrup, not pancake syrup made from corn syrup like Log Cabin or Aunt Jemima. I prefer dark maple syrup. Click here to read more about maple syrup and other sweeteners.

1) Collect some fresh clean snow and pack it tightly into a bowl or pan. Keep it cold in the freezer.

2) Pour about half a cup of syrup into a deep sauce pan and heat it to 235°F (soft-ball stage). When cooking sugar for candy making you really need an accurate digital thermometer. The syrup will foam madly, so make sure your pan is not more than half full and keep a close eye on the pan so it doesn't boil over.

boiling maple taffy to 235F

3) Immediately use a ladle or deep spoon to drizzle the hot syrup onto the snow in strips and let it cool for a minute. You can then roll it up with a a popsickle stick or your a fork. Don't leave it on the snow too long or the snow will melt and dissolve the taffy.

maple taffy

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